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    This package was the perfect blend of brand savvy and affordable luxury

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    Gone are the days when stock packaging was considered low end and entry level.  In today’s ultra-fast-moving beauty industry, in-stock packaging is setting the trend for a new breed of packaging solutions offering endless options for brand customization, lower costs and increased speed to market.

    The advantages of stock over custom tooled packages are endless.  Brands are able to hit tight launch dates yet achieve a truly custom look with modified stock, while boosting their bottom line.

    At WWP we pride ourselves on working closely with clients to meet their specific customization needs. We recently worked with client Josie Maran cosmetics who was looking for a face compact component for a formula that can be used on the cheeks, eyes and lips.  They chose to customize a stock quad compact because they felt “it was a good fit for this product and the vision Josie Maran Cosmetics had for it because of the overall shape and size of the component which has larger wells and would lend itself to multi use formulas.”

    By incorporating their brand’s custom rose gold color metalized over the cover with custom iridescent pearl paint sprayed on the base – and the addition of a multi-color heat transfer label inspired by their Vibrancy Foundation formula – this package was the perfect blend of brand savvy and affordable luxury.

    With the largest library of stock packaging in the industry, WWP continues to expand our stock assortment and incorporate on trend solutions combined with the highest level of quality control and shorter lead times. We’re doing this with the investment of our 100% wholly owned cosmetic and skincare component manufacturing facility in China and our ability to produce over 150 million component units each year.

    Truth be told, today’s stock packaging has a brand-new face and options for customization are virtually limitless through componentry, closure and decorating options. Today’s stock package configurations are no longer just for up-and-coming, cash-lean brands. The global brands are cashing in too.

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