Metamorphic Skin Balance Cream


Full Description

A transformative, Biodome balancing skin hydrator designed  with Probiotic and infused with Ashwagandha Extract, an adaptogenic plant that can ‘adapt’ and support the body when under stress and help restore skin balance. This moisturizing and nourishing blend of natural oils (Rosemary, Jojoba, Pomegranate, Seabuckthorn) promote healthy skin and a youthful glow. Formula is lightweight, yet richly moisturizing and transforms from a milky cream to a non-greasy, dewy oil finish, creating skin that feels as good as it looks. This powerful formulation does not use synthetic dyes or colorants.

Application Description
Apply directly to fresh, clean skin. Use for hydration and reapply as needed. Can be used in place of your moisturizer, or along side for added moisturization effect.
  • Face
    • Body
      Key Claims
      • Cruelty Free
        • Vegan
          • Clean at Sephora
            • Aluminium Free
              • Gluten Free
                • Paraben Free
                  • PEG Free
                    • Sulfate Free
                      • Waterless
                        • 85% Natural
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