The best in the business for luxury beauty packaging offering standard and custom airless packaging, plastic packaging, Luxefoil, and airless tubes.

YONWOO has made a ceaseless effort to increase the value of the beauty of a product since its establishment in 1983. We have kept the top place among the companies in the cosmetic packaging industry with technological advance through constant R&D in the affection and trust by customers and devoted to the globalization through our rigorous quality control and market development.

Based on in-house system from development to commercialization and with high quality and prompt responses, we firmly promise to do our utmost until customers are fully satisfied. With constant effort, YONWOO is now contributing to the security of competitiveness for local package industry through its extension to the market for household items and pharmaceuticals along with the field of cosmetics.

To reform as the most trusted packaging company, we target at securing various markets through the improvement of interior and exterior capacity. Not content with the present, we will realize without fail the customer satisfaction with a variety of products as well as endless technological innovation and the best quality.

Best quality

YONWOO makes every effort to create the best quality products by using good raw materials and focusing on their unique properties, providing customers with reliable products.

On-time delivery

Even the best quality is pointless if delayed in delivery time. YONWOO takes the lead in market competition by delivering its products in a most timely manner. YONWOO’s advanced technology enables speedy production regardless of quantity or complexity.

Competitive price

We promise to become a trusted and recognized company by providing the best quality products at a competitive price.

Constant research and development

We believe that company can’t stay the best without continuous development. Our technical research institute continues to develop new materials and functions for user friendly.