Consumers love a bargain and to have 2 products in one pack, fulfils that desire. To feed the trend, Yuen Myng offers an exciting range of dual end make-up bottles which can be manufactured to fit the needs of the brand. Whether complementary hair mascara colors, an eyeliner with mascara combination, or a vibrant lip color with overgloss, dual end make-up packaging is a packaging trend which is set to stay!

Cosmetic pens and sticks are ideal for make-up application without the requirement for an extra applicator. Take a look at Yuen Myng's options that are ideal for Lipstick and Concealer products.

Yuen Myng offers a selection of pump bottles for lotions which can be decorated to create a new product line or fit into an existing product range. The plastic cosmetic lotion bottles are available in various styles and capacities of 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.

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