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    Yuen Myng's lipstick-shaped lipgloss packaging

    • Yuen Myng Industrial Co, Ltd

    According to Yuen Myng's marketing team, "Cosmetic market demands are wide-ranged and complicated. One of the items that can't be missed is lip gloss, and the smaller a lip gloss is, the more popular it will be".

    For decades, Yuen Myng has been acknowledged as a professional manufacturer of lipgloss and mascara packaging in Taiwan. Based on the company's year-on-year experience and production figures, Yuen Myng has concluded that lipgloss packaging with a smaller capacity is more popular than options with a larger capacity.

    As a result of this conclusion, Yuen Myng has developed its new PETG lipgloss packaging with a reduced capacity of less than 3.5ml and an eye-catching reservoir which mimics the form of a bullet lipstick. Complemented by an aluminum covered closure, the crystal-clear, transparent PETG bottle enhances the lip gloss color within and benefits the nifty look of an upside-down lipstick shape for the gloss.

    YM15001-AL lipgloss specifications

    • Shape: Square
    • Size: H 109mm x D 16.21mm
    • Overflow Capacity: 5.0+/-0.5ml 
    • Materials: Cap - Aluminum, Bottle - PETG, Rod - POM, Wiper - LDPE
    • Optional applicators are available for the lip gloss
    • Optional decoration options for Bottle: Metallization, Spray, UV coating
    • Available branding/ printing options: Hot-stamping, Silk-screening

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