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    How Yuen Myng develops consumer-centric plastic color cosmetic packaging to enhance the user's experience with cosmetic brands

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    As color cosmetic companies continue to enhance the consumer's user experience through the use of consumer-centric cosmetic packaging, Yuen Myng has already firmly established itself as one of the market's go-to plastic packaging manufacturers. Consumer research and strict control policies ensure that all the company's packaging is aligned to the user whilst conforming to the latest trends for cosmetic application. Wang Jung Tsung, Yuen Myng's company president explains how the company has achieved its leading market status.

    Please can you introduce yourself and Yuen Myng.

    I am Wang Jung Tsung, company president of Yuen Myng, a plastic packaging manufacturer that specializes in the production of make-up packaging as well as complementary cosmetic packaging. I founded the company in 1987 because of my own personal expertise in plastic mold tooling and now Yuen Myng is a well known and respected producer within the cosmetic packaging industry. The company has a professional R&D team and focuses on producing original packaging designs in plastic and offering better solutions to cosmetic companies which enhance the consumer's experience of the cosmetic.

    What is the key difference between Yuen Myng and other color cosmetic packaging companies?

    The principal difference between Yuen Myng and other companies is that we have the ability to create new packaging designs. It is standard operation for us to have our R&D team reach out to consumers in order to collect data and understand user behavior. We then develop packaging designs which solve issues that are encountered with daily use. We present our new designs to brands directly and ensure that they receive first hand any information regarding packaging changes.

    In Taiwan, we are the only company that has adopted injection blow-molding machines imported from Germany for the production of color cosmetic packaging. Our decades of injection blow mold tooling experience has positioned us strongly against the competition and because of our strict mold tooling control policies, all of our product designs are well made.

    Does Yuen Myng just offer a catalog of products, or does it provide other packaging services?

    We provide a number of cosmetic packaging products to color cosmetic companies. We have an extensive catalog which includes eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss, face palettes, compacts for blush or eye colours, and skin care packaging solutions such as airless lotion bottles. In addition to this, we also have a number of business partners to which we provide contract manufacturing services and for those companies that require a tailor-made design, we offer a customized design service whereby we can design their product from scratch. As a company, we have provided injection blow molding services for over 20 years and tool molding for over 30 years, therefore we are very experienced.

    What is the process for designing packaging?

    We work with clients to develop their original concept into reality, or, in the case of those who don't have a concept as yet, we work with them discussing their needs so that together we can define their requirements in order to create a solution. Once the concept is defined, our 3D design team create models for clients to review possibilities and then make revisions based on field tests.

    All of the packaging produced at our facility in Tainan City, Taiwan is produced from our original designs. It should also be noted that we have one location so that it is easy for us to communicate with one another across departments, and having everyone work on one site also makes things easier for customers.

    The company's main focus is the color cosmetic sector. Do you plan to expand into other markets?

    A minor part of our production is actually destined for pharmaceutical usage, however this is a sector of our work which we do for bio-chemical companies that target the domestic market here in Taiwan. Yuen Myng's core business is cosmetic packaging. It is what the company is known for and does well, and it is the reason that Yuen Myng has developed a strong, favorable reputation with cosmetic brands.

    Our customers are situated around the world. We work with companies from Japan, Europe, the US, Canada and more, including many countries in south-west Asia and across the Middle East. Most of the companies with which we work are internationally-known brands and some are trading companies. One of the principal benefits when working with brands is that they provide an immediate response. It is also our link to find out exactly what the upcoming fashions are, and that helps us to ensure that our products are on trend as well as giving us the opportunity to provide an exquisite technical service.

    As I mentioned, Yuen Myng has an excellent reputation with cosmetic brands and that trust has been built up over years of good service. Our craftsmanship is at the very core of our work and it is reflected in each and every one of our projects, enabling us to create one-of-a-kind pieces and transform packaging into unique products. It is this master artisan work that has clients turn to us again and again. 

    Yuen Myng was founded in 1987. What changes has the company seen during the past 3 decades?

    The most notable change is the way in which packaging is now used to promote products. The primary function of cosmetic packaging is obviously that it holds the product, however it has become increasingly important that packaging now highlights and enhances product value. We are very aware that clients need good packaging solutions which reflect their brand values and also attract consumers to purchase and then buy the product again. For many years packaging has been used as an important part of product promotion, but in recent years packaging design has become an integral factor. It now leads and is regularly used in order to influence consumer decisions.

    We've also seen that international business is facing change as governments, for example in the United States and China, have been raising trade protection policies in order to protect local business from foreign company development. We cannot compete by price with higher tax barriers, but we have differentiated ourselves through our technical expertise, the scale of our modern facility, the machinery we use, and of course product quality. This is why we provide pharmaceutical packaging solutions for local business, but also ensure that we have international standard certifications in place so that we can continue our company growth. We're working with increasingly more companies from the Middle East and south-western Asia. This is an area in which we are seeing a lot more sales and we believe that there is a lot more market potential there for us.

    In the near future, we plan to make our facility GMP certified so that we can extend our services into contract manufacturing.

    Looking to the future, are there any new products or services on the horizon?

    We are working on several projects at the moment and there are new compacts - face powder compacts and cosmetic compacts - which are going to be launched very soon. We will also be releasing a new heavy-wall lipgloss bottle. We use PETG, PCTG and PET as they are all highly resistant to chemicals, making them a safe packaging option for lipgloss products with delicate formulae. The heavy-wall lip gloss bottle is airtight to ensure that external air and contaminants are blocked. We've also taken into consideration sunlight as it can impact on the product quality and change it, so we've added UV detection as a feature of the packaging.

    We are also going to add more decoration capability techniques to our production line in order to offer brands more options to visually present their products. 3D printing and offset printing are being incorporated into production so that we can provide even more decoration possibilities with vivid imagery.

    Yuen Myng can often be seen at packaging exhibitions. Where will the company be exhibiting next?

    We've been very active with attendance at exhibitions in Japan, Hong Kong and Italy during the past few years. Later this year we will be attending Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong again and introducing many of our new products to the market. Visitors will be able to see for themselves how we create products from original concepts, which are designed with the consumer in mind to ensure an optimal user experience. Next year we will be attending Cosmoprof Bologna, CITE Japan and Beautyworld Middle East.

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