Yuen Myng's new bullet tube


Yuen Myng, a major player within the professional cosmetic packaging industry, has launched its brand new bullet tube (Ref: YM08010-42ALR). Measuring 107.6mm in height and 16.25mm in diameter, and with a capacity of 8.0+/-0.8ml, Yuen Myng's bullet tube is perfect for eyeliners, lip glosses, and mascaras.

Browsing consumers are tempted by the sleek bullet shape, as the rounded cap in aluminium allows for an easy grip and grab from the shelves. The reflective cap marks Yuen Myng's product with a brilliance that captures the eye, while the transparent PET-G bottle creates a sophisticated glass-like appearance, enabling consumers to see through to the product without any detriment to appearance before purchase.

Brands are spoilt for choice as glossy metallised finishes and UV coatings are put on offer, and, once purchased, consumers experience total satisfaction as the product fits elegantly into any purse or makeup bag.

Yuen Myng's bullet tube exemplifies the design team's prowess - a product brands would be foolish to miss.

Yuen Myng's Bullet Tube (Ref: YM08010-42ALR) specs:

  • Capacity (OFC): 8.0ml +/- 0.8ml
  • Product Size: 107.6mm high by 16.25mm in diameter
  • Applicator: Doe Foot/Lip Brush/Eyeliner/Mascara
  • Cap: Aluminium
  • Bottle: PETG
  • Rod: POM
  • Wiper: LDPE

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