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    • Zhejiang Lanbiyuan Group

    "Computer is the ecstasy of the world", said Marshall McLuhan (1911 ~ 1980). But he hasn't seen how we lost in the net which weaving by the digital ecstasy.

    The Internet destroys the music record industry, smartphone replaces camera, retailing suffers from e-commerce, and the same thing is happening to publishing industry. During our current time, e-books has the trend of taking over paper books; however, since 2014, e-book has slowed its pace as the traditional paper back materials sparks again. The paper material has existed for over 5000 years since the time of Nile papyrus. It has witnessed countless "terminator" to its destiny, yet regardless of our technology advancement, paper will find its place in history.

    McLuhan pointed out that medium is the extension of human limbs. Any new technology or new media is the extension of human organs. Book is an extension of the eye, the wheel is an extension of the foot, radio is the extension of the ear. Moreover, smartphone is the extension of every organ. It replaces all the reality, establishes the network of fiction.

    In the process of civilization, technology is the tool of disenchantment. The disappearance of privilege leads to an uproar. It is the responsibility of backbones in society that build sustainable and recyclable structures of industries. Internet brings fragmentation and flattens our globe which makes “old” and “new” no long determined by its history. Nevertheless, they are determined by their meaning of existence in different circumstances. PAPERLIVE comes from the new context, to extend the new meaning and possibility of paper. In the emotion-flooding Internet Era, what makes it the most popular is digital sentiment, while what makes it the scantiest is practicing. PAPERLIVE is trying to remove the barriers between people and technique, theory and experience. It will be the solution of diversified demands.

    Paper, as a carrier of information, will not be transcended and replaced.

    The key is, returning to the PAPERLIVE.

    • Sophie Tu
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