Packaging Innovations

Introducing the CandlePlug and candle closures by Tecnocap

Tecnocap offers a broad range of closures that can be used with candles. The closures are designed to fit both threaded and non-threaded containers. Metal closures are a popular choice with candle manufacturers offering a premium product to the consumer market. Tecnocap offers CandlePlug and continuous thread (CT) closures.


Tin Man Brewing Co. offers four of its core beers in Rexam cans

Identifying it as the ideal craft beer package, Tin Man Brewing Co. is offering four of its core beers in Rexam 16 oz. cans. Joining the growing number of craft breweries choosing cans, Tin Man is so passionate about its packaging choice that it hosts a website dedicated to educating consumers on its benefits. Nick Davidson, president, Tin Man Brewing Co., said "We feel strongly that aluminum cans are the best choice for our unique craft beers, offering significant advantages for us and our consumers, and we are pleased to team with Rexam."

Rexam Beverage Can - North America

The feel-good lipsticks from New Zealand brand Karen Murrell - packaged by Quadpack

Karen Murrell says that lipsticks are just like flowers. Her bright and colourful range is produced under organic principles - including the packaging developed by Quadpack. They are presented in a sleek, matt black lipstick cylinder from Quadpack's catalogue. It is one of Quadpack's many exciting on-trend packaging options offered by its Make-Up Division.


The new Dual Foamer from FS Korea

Certain things in our lives are just better off separated. In the world of cosmetic care, the right combination of formulas at the right time means the maximum effect is received. Inspired by FS Korea's own Dual Chamber Essence, the new Dual Foamer maximizes the effects of two formulas by combining the ingredients at the time of initial use – with the process as simple as just twisting the cap.

FS Korea

Show off in Acti Pack's brand new 'Next' PET bottle range

During the past year Acti Pack has been working on a new range of cylindrical bottles to offer an alternative product to the round shapes currently seen across the market. Following several proposals, recommendations and adaptations, the 'Next' range was created. Acti Pack's 'Next' bottles are available in sizes from 150ml to 500ml and the set also includes a 300ml hand soap bottle. Featuring a curved bottom and flat shoulders the line is ideal for packaging personal care products.

Loire Plastic Industrie and Acti PackContact

Albéa continues working with with Givenchy for its Noir Couture mascara line

Inspired by Givenchy's haute couture spirit, the Noir Couture mascara line developed by Albéa illustrates all of the group's know-how in injection, decoration and assembly. It also reflects the group's ability to support its strategic customers in their key launches. Noir Couture, the mascara that introduced the range, stands out with its black and silver colours and a sleek style.


GCC's digital printing application for cosmetic packaging

Almost everything is being digitalized. From reading to writing, recording and photographing, even daily chores can be set and synced with varieties of digital equipment. While this has all been happening, Grace Cosmetic Co., has moved ahead in order to provide digital printing for decorating beauty and cosmetic packaging.

Grace Cosmetics Co.

Fancy & Trend's lipstick magnetism

The latest packaging innovation to be released by Fancy & Trend is a metallic shell lipstick donning a magnetic closure. The 'lipstick magnetism' offers a slick user experience and features a magnetic closure that is ready to take over the cosmetic market.

Fancy & TrendContact

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