Packaging Innovations

Ambiance: A new sensual pleasure from Vetroelite

Vetroelite's two new Ambiance bottles were conceived and designed to compliment the ambience of the home. Both models convey feelings of well being, simplicity and pleasure, leading the user towards the delightful discovery of new sensations. Ambiance and Ambiance Carré are multi-market and multi-purpose solutions, perfect for home fragrances, olive oils, balsamic vinegars and spirits. The natural and sober design enhances the bright surfaces of an extra white glass, whilst the generous, almost hedonistic body is neither round, nor square.


PET, the plastic twin of glass

PET is a phenomenal material. The problem is, when creating containers out of PET, companies tend to approach the material as they would others, using the same proportions, sizing, and thicknesses that they would with other products. A standard PET product, however, isn't going to cut it in the luxury space, where consumers are accustomed to a higher level of quality. SR Packaging has a slightly different approach.

SR Packaging

Dispensing perfection, by Derjin

The options for packaging on the global market are numerous. Companies seeking to market new products today have so many choices available to them, it's difficult to know where to turn especially when it comes to determining the correct sort of dispensing required. Currently, one of the world's best sources for cosmetic and personal care dispensing is the Derjin Group, headquartered in Shanghai.


Tecnocap's aluminum Unishell®

Tecnocap has taken its experience from the steel closure business and used it to foster the aluminum Unishell®. The aluminum Unishell® offers an attractive high-end look and is designed to appeal to the consumers of cosmetic, beverage, nutraceutical and aromatherapy products. The Unishell® is a unique threaded aluminum closure. Unlike other metal closures, the Unishell® hides its threads on the inside and leaves a smooth, clean exterior look where even the edge is neatly rolled away.


Rexam and Tuborg Pilsner partner to launch limited edition King cans for festive season

Rexam, a leading global beverage can maker, has been selected by Carlsberg to launch limited edition Christmas cans for their Tuborg Pilsner beer, in Rexam's 1 litre and 750ml King Cans. Rexam's 1 litre can is the largest two piece aluminium beverage can available on the global market and will create maximum stand out on shelf for Tuborg Pilsner beer, brewed especially for the winter season.

Rexam Beverage Can - Europe & Asia

Rawlings offers Luscombe a new packaging concept

Luscombe produces a range of high end drinks that are filled in flint and amber bottles. In the past the filling approach required two different bottles and the amber bottle used by the firm was underperforming. Instead of sourcing a bottle from overseas or creating a single bespoke amber bottle, Rawlings opted to create a single tailored mould for the company. This not only solved past problems but also allowed for design improvements and permitted both bottles to be produced using an interchangeable head.


GCC presents cardboard palettes made for colour cosmetic products

Taking its turn on GCC's fashion runway is the cardboard palette made for colour cosmetic products. Simply comprised of paper and glue, the palette is particularly sturdy providing a functional outer for various products that protects them, offers an environmentally friendly packaging option and one which can be fully decorated. GCC's cardboard palettes are built up with several layers of laminated paper layers according to the needs of the packaging.

Grace Cosmetics Co.

Cosmogen's new self-heating tube

The new patented self-heating tube from Cosmogen has been designed to enhance the efficiency and comfort of cosmetic formulas when applying. The concept is simple - a tube within a tube. The inner tube is filled with a safe sodium acetate solution and then hermetically sealed. The outer tube is filled with the formula. Just break the seal to start the warming. Cosmogen's self-heating tube is perfect for facial formulas like masks, body oil and anti-wrinkle eye treatments as it adds an extra soothing experience to formulae.


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