Packaging Innovations

Collcap's latest: Tubes with roller ball dispensing and angled heads

The latest tube offering from Collcap this summer is perfect for theose brands looking for an eye-catching and truly worthwhile pack which will appeal to consumers looking for an applicator to enhance their beauty regimen.


RPC's new pack for easy dairy snacking

An innovative and brand new packaging solution from RPC Superfos is now available for dairy producers and the stylish pack includes a convenient spoon, in tune with consumer demand for more easy meals on-the-go. Just like the injection moulded plastic pot as a whole, the spoon is beautifully designed and a delight to hold.

RPC Manuplastics

New bottles for nasal market support changing CPSC requirements

In addition to the child resistant closures that were introduced by MJS Packaging in 2013 for ophthalmic products, the company now has bottles with a ratchet neck finish specifically designed for use with metered dose nasal pumps. The bottles are made of HDPE, have an 18mm neck finish and are available in both ½ ounce and 1 ounce sizes.

MJS Packaging

Redesigned trigger bottle gives Johnson's Veterinary Clean 'n' Safe a fresher look

Working closely with Johnson's Veterinary Products, TricorBraun designers revised the bottles of Johnson's popular Clean 'n' Safe cleaning and disinfectant products for small animal cages and cat litter boxes. The main objective of the project was to revamp the design whilst controlling production costs.


Libo's top window lipstick containers

Libo Cosmetics has once again come up with an ingenious and simple way for companies to take advantage of adding a dash of pizazz to a lipstick container. By fitting a small recess on the top of the container and fitting a clear plastic top to it, the company can add in printed items, textures, embossed bits, and any number of other things to add some colour and style.

Libo Cosmetics

Cosmogen's top tips for lips

Well known as a pioneer in the design of brushes, Cosmogen has elaborated a range of applicator tips that adapts completely to any kind of lip application. Made of soft and luxurious material, they pulp the lips, while perfectly smoothing the formula and allow a nice, glossy effect when applying.


Libo's brand new Push Button Powder Jars

Libo Cosmetics, one of the world's primary sources for upscale cosmetic packaging concepts, has released its latest item designed to offer consumers a better experience when using cosmetic powders, especially bases and foundations. Libo's new Push Button Powder Jar is a solid new option for ensuring better application and hygiene.

Libo Cosmetics

New additions to Cilindro Alto ranges complete both lines

Known for its exemplary range of products, one of the widest in the marketplace, Eurovetrocap has further expanded two of its lines; the Cilindro Alto range and the Cilindro Alto Slim range. The HDPE bottles which are designed with the cosmetic market in mind have a chic, round form which is easy to customize with a personalized colour or silkscreen printing.


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