Packaging Innovations

Mold Rite's EZ-Grip and EZ-Safe

The world is designed for the average person. The average person, though, is a mature adult in relatively good health. The largest two groups that do not fall into this category are seniors and children, both of which have specific limitations when it comes to interacting with product packaging. For seniors, reduced dexterity is often an issue with regard to getting to a product whereas with children, the opposite is true, their access needs to be limited, especially with regard to medications. This is the primary motivation behind Mold Rite Plastics' release of the EZ-Grip and EZ-Safe closure family.

Mold-Rite Plastics LLC

Tummy Company designs new packaging for Relief OTC liquid antacid with safety and style in mind

With an estimated 25 million people in the United States suffering from heartburn and indigestion daily, Relief OTC™ set out to create a fast-acting liquid antacid to help these consumers. Relief OTC™ is a FDA-compliant, over-the-counter antacid that combines proven ingredients in a convenient portable bottle.

Mold-Rite Plastics LLC

The next chapter in Fancy & Trend's Floral Collection

Following on from its Floral Collection released in 2013, Fancy & Trend Enterprise Co., Ltd., has recently launched the latest chapter of its Floral Collection that sees many new features added. The reception of so much positive feedback following the Floral Collection inspired Fancy & Trend's R&D team to move forward with the fashioning of various container options for the market.

Fancy & Trend

RPC Containers' barrier solution for nutrition supplement

RPC Containers Corby has produced a convenience-size multilayer polypropylene bottle for Vegenat's oral clinical nutrition range. The new 200ml bespoke bottle offers a more modern-looking design, ergonomic, effective product protection and preservation, and excellent functionality during filling and for the end consumer.

Manuplastics Ltd

Dropper caps and glass dropper bottles from stock

UK based packaging supplier, Neville and More has further expanded its range of products available direct from stock as it has extended its range of dropper caps and glass dropper bottles. This includes tamper evident caps and child resistant caps that comply with the new European legislation for the packing of essential oils.

Neville and More

Giflor's Eco Low Profile line, now in bi-color XL

Giflor, one of Italy's most reputable and international closure firms has been busy further developing its popular Eco Low Profile line, today one of the company's top selling innovations. The line now offers an XL item for companies seeking to provide a more robust closure solution.


Lancôme's Kabuki Star Bronzer Golden Riviera made by Cosmogen

Cosmogen has designed the new Kabuki Star Bronzer Golden Riviera of Lancôme, to apply bronzing powder over the entire face and neck. Its dense, bevelled and curved tuft, patented by Cosmogen, sculpts and intensifies shadows.


The RS01 monodose dry powder inhaler from Plastiape

The RS01 concept was brought into existence by Plastiape over the last decade as a result of the intensive refinement of previous monodose-in-capsule device designs, manufactured by the company since the late 1970s. Patented, manufactured, and marketed by Plastiape, the RS01 has many distinctive features, including a sleek, refined design and the simple fact that it is a product that actually works the way it should.


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