Packaging Innovations

GCC offers the fine art craft of laser engraving for packaging decoration

Laser engraving has been widely applied for various industrial platforms on a range of materials such as wood, metal, glass, stone and plastic. GCC, a leading beauty and cosmetic packaging supplier based in Taiwan, has adopted this technology for branding in order to bring vivid designs to life on products.

Grace Cosmetics Co.

Free pail boosts sales of dog food

Attractive pots and pails from RPC Superfos have proved the ideal solution for free measuring cups and storage containers for a leading dry pet food company, while RPC Superfos' ability to effectively handle the distribution logistics has been another key factor in the promotion's success.


New range of wide neck PET jars from Neville and More

Neville and More has released a new line of wide neck PET jars benefiting from a 100mm wide neck. The new range is available in 6 standard sizes from 200ml up to 1000ml. All 6 jars in the range are supplied with a very cost effective, compatible single piece polypropylene closure and aluminium screw on cap with fitted liner.

Neville and More

Cosmogen's antibacterial Charcoal Brush

Cosmogen, a pioneer in the design of cosmetic brushes, has designed a specific brush for cleansing and purifying care whose uniqueness lies in its natural fibre that is treated with activated charcoal long known for its antibacterial properties. Its strength is the combination of antibacterial power with its power of penetration into the pores to deep clean them, even in hard to reach places.


Collcap develops the glorious new bottle for Lipsy's "Caged" fragrance

To say that the new bottle concept Collcap has developed for London fashion brand Lipsy is eye-catching is an understatement. The epitome of luxury packaging, this bold, dramatic and thoroughly unique pack was produced by Collcap in 2014 for its successful Christmas launch, and has attracted continued high levels attention in the early months of 2015.


New RPC pot ensures pasta dishes can be all shook up

Leading French food manufacturer Soulié Restauration, part of William Saurin, is shaking up the ready meals market with a brand new product packed in a bespoke packaging solution from RPC Barrier Containers. The new Shake Me range brings the principle of the shaker pack to pasta dishes. Each pack contains a sauce topped with pasta which is then microwaved and shaken for instant enjoyment.


Rawlings expands into cosmetic and pharmaceutical glass

Based in Bristol, Rawlings remains an independent, family-run business, providing expertise and support to a variety of well-known, national brands. Here, one of Rawlings’ Technical Account Managers, Alan Illsley, talks about the success of the company and its expansion into the pharmaceutical and cosmetic glass markets.


Coster introduces Capri, the new actuator for spray products

Capri, the new actuator from Coster, is a two piece spray actuator with overcap suitable for 1" male aerosol valves. It consists of a finger pad with integrated spray channel, conveniently fitted within the collar. The finger pad has been ergonomically designed with a ribbed finish for an easy and comfortable actuation. Capri has a universal unisex look, which makes it easy to adapt and customize to a variety of products.


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