Packaging Innovations

Libo's top window lipstick containers

Libo Cosmetics has once again come up with an ingenious and simple way for companies to take advantage of adding a dash of pizazz to a lipstick container. By fitting a small recess on the top of the container and fitting a clear plastic top to it, the company can add in printed items, textures, embossed bits, and any number of other things to add some colour and style.

Libo Cosmetics

Cosmogen's top tips for lips

Well known as a pioneer in the design of brushes, Cosmogen has elaborated a range of applicator tips that adapts completely to any kind of lip application. Made of soft and luxurious material, they pulp the lips, while perfectly smoothing the formula and allow a nice, glossy effect when applying.


Libo's brand new Push Button Powder Jars

Libo Cosmetics, one of the world's primary sources for upscale cosmetic packaging concepts, has released its latest item designed to offer consumers a better experience when using cosmetic powders, especially bases and foundations. Libo's new Push Button Powder Jar is a solid new option for ensuring better application and hygiene.

Libo Cosmetics

New additions to Cilindro Alto ranges complete both lines

Known for its exemplary range of products, one of the widest in the marketplace, Eurovetrocap has further expanded two of its lines; the Cilindro Alto range and the Cilindro Alto Slim range. The HDPE bottles which are designed with the cosmetic market in mind have a chic, round form which is easy to customize with a personalized colour or silkscreen printing.


SR's SH family of PET bottles

The latest product release by SR Packaging is a range of 15 PET bottles in a simple, classic round shape. The highly compatible design makes the series suitable to combine with all kinds of closures so a range with screw caps, disc caps, flip-tops, sprayers, lotion dispensers and more could all be incorporated together as required.

SR Packaging

Classy bottles help to shake up the drink market

A new range of indulgent milk shakes is using PET bottles from RPC Containers Llantrisant to help convey their premium quality image on the shelf. Together with their attractive labels, the finished packs create a high class image to maximise on-shelf appeal and product differentiation.

RPC Manuplastics

FourPure craft beer choose Rexam to produce bespoke can designs

Rexam, a leading global beverage can maker, has partnered with Fourpure Brewing Co, an independent British craft brewer, to develop unique designs for their newly canned craft beer range that reflect the speciality of the Fourpure beers and use Rexam's value added matt overvarnish to create a strong stand out presence on shelf.

Rexam Beverage Can - Europe & Asia

MWV's new Aerosense aerosol sprayer is stand out

MWV's newest aerosol sprayer, Aerosense™, offers brand differentiation through its unique shelf presence and ergonomic spray experience. Specifically designed for products such as sun care, body spray and hair sprays, Aerosense is a trigger-actuated sprayer that enables effortless actuation with a continuous, even spray pattern.

MWV - MeadWestvaco

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