Packaging Innovations

Dropper tubes for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications

Tubes, as a packaging solution, are found just about everywhere. They hold everything from toothpaste to sun cream, eye treatment to conditioner. The issue is, tubes haven't been used to hold less viscous products, as they are difficult to dispense correctly, simply spilling out. Neopac has released a line of dropper tubes that effectively solve the issue of dispensing aqueous solutions and oil-based emulsions.

Neopac The Tube

Pin Mao presents one of the most ample jar ranges on the market

For over two decades, Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co., Ltd has been dedicated to cosmetic packaging research and development. The company has released a set of gorgeous round format jars that offer companies the distinct possibility of creating a full line, the result of the company offering more than the standard 4 or 5 sizes normally associated with jar products.

Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co. Ltd

Libo gets real with the firm's new laser printing decoration

Libo Cosmetics, an Asian firm recognized as a leading player in the decoration of cosmetic packaging for the luxury and masstige markets, now offers state of the art laser printing on many of its ranges. The new technique came about as part of Libo's expansion and ensures that customers seeking to include visually stunning, real-world images on their packaging will be able to do so with little effort, depending on Libo's expertise to make the packaging come alive.

Libo Cosmetics

CPL releases it's "Persian" line of tear drop jars

While many firms rely on releasing a few specific models of packaging components, CPL goes far beyond that. Week after week, month after month, Creative Packaging Labs releases new and innovative shapes and concepts to give prospective clients an incredibly wide array of options from which to choose. In keeping with this spirit, the firm has just released its CJN line of jars, which we've come to refer to as the "Persian" line here at the Webpackaging offices.

CPL Packaging

New pack gets in the swing for safety and convenience

Meeting the dual needs of the convenience of re-closing and the reassurance of tamper-evidence, RPC Bebo Plastik has developed a new pack solution for a variety of spreadable products such as cheese, margarine and butter.

Manuplastics Ltd

Squeaky Clean Pore Cleansing Brush made by Cosmogen for Sephora

Sephora has entrusted the development of its Squeaky Clean Pore Cleansing Brush to Cosmogen, a French company well known for its expertise in the design of make-up brushes. The brush deeply cleanses while respecting the skin. Its dense round hair tuft is made of very thin and soft synthetic fibres yet it can penetrate deep into pores to remove dirt in hard to reach places.


Neville and More's cost effective stock PET bottles

A number of new standard PET bottles have recently been added to Neville and More's comprehensive plastic bottle range. Made from large cavitation mouldings, the new additions provide an extremely cost effective selection of PET bottles. The full range of crystal clear PET bottles now includes over 100 different shapes and sizes available from stock for a minimum order of just a single pallet.

Neville and More

Aarts Plastics selected as cap supplier for 4711 Wunderwasser

Fragrance house Mäurer & Wirtz has recently launched two new fragrances; Wunderwasser 4711 for him and for her. With Wunderwasser, 4711 asks consumers to become immersed in a magical moment for everyone who is open to new things. The bottles used for the products' packaging have been finished with metallic caps and are a symphony of light and water emotionally portrayed through the high quality glass with endless and ever-changing blue tones.

Aarts Plastics

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