Packaging Innovations

Yorker’s extraordinary spout caps

Yorker, one of North America's best known closure specialists, is swiftly becoming the only place companies need to go when looking for the best closures around to top their products, especially for spout caps. Yorker can solve just about any problem related to dispensing closures by offering one of the largest ranges of spout caps on the market today.

Yorker Packaging

Premi expands the Porto line, achieving new levels of elegance in both PET and glass

The Porto line is a great concept for either traditional female or emerging male cosmetic lines, with all items available in the same style, regardless of whether it's an eau de parfum or aftershave in the smaller glass containers or a skin balm, body wash, shower gel, or hair product in any of the larger PET containers. Really, with all five sizes at a company's disposal, it's easy to create a full line for a new brand or to update an existing one.


Quadpack brings sophisticated beauty to eco friendly make-up packaging

Quadpack Group company, Technotraf Wood Packaging, has broken the mould once again with its new Wooden Compact. A stunning blend of sophistication and environmentally-friendly material, the compact is crafted from wood sourced from sustainable forests certified by the PEFC. The Wooden Compact is expertly hewn from maple wood for an exceptionally smooth finish. Maple endows feminine elegance to the pack, with its unique texture that appeals to the senses.


'Black is White' dental care in the Neopac Softtouch Tube

Take black, get white – that's how Curaprox is advertising Neopac's Softtouch Tube which houses it's latest dental cleaning invention. The 90ml size black toothpaste is presented in a stylish tube from Neopac which stands out from the crowd and positions itself in the premium segment for dental care.

Neopac The Tube

MMC's latest innovation: The LM-270LX lining machine

Major upgrades have been recently performed on the LM-270LX, one of MMC's best-selling cap lining machines, making it more robust and able to reach higher throughput.

MMC Packaging Equipment

GCC makes an artistic splash with gel lacquering for cosmetic packaging

As one of the major cosmetic packaging providers, GCC continues to blossom in the art decoration, making its cosmetic packaging designs stand out from from standard decorations seen on the shelf. With an overwhelming positive customer response received for cosmetic packaging finished with gel lacquering where GCC has redefined individuality, the company has created a new artistic splash with gel lacquering designs.

Grace Cosmetics Co.

The next gen in dispensing: Collcap releases the Smart Dropper

Collcap, long known in the industry as a supplier specialized in custom solutions and bespoke design concepts, has recently moved into standard packaging solutions and is swiftly dominating the space by offering products that are far and away beyond what one would normally consider standard items. A clear example of this is the firm's most recent release, its aptly named Smart Dropper.


MWV offers portability and convenience with launch of MiniMod

MWV introduces a new airless dispensing system—MiniMod™—which offers beauty care brands a solution that's portable by design and convenient for on-the-go and in-home use, with a high level of functionality. MiniMod is an airless pump-on-pouch dispensing system that uses an easy-to-push button actuator for comfortable and controlled dispensing, and a fully customizable flexible pouch. The solution works well with low-to-medium viscosity products, such as skincare crèmes, lotions or hair care products.

MWV - MeadWestvaco

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