Packaging Innovations

Magnetic's fragrance bottles offer both elegance and the illusion of movement

Magnetic packaging has released a line of bottles designed to take further advantage of the third dimension. The new bottles are set within a circular mount that allows the bottle to turn 360 degrees, offering am interesting, quirky look that offers the illusion of movement and sets them apart from anything else on the shelf.

Magnetic Packaging

Rexam partners with Heineken Russia to create an elaborate can design for its rice beer brand, Feilong

Rexam, a leading global can maker, has collaborated with Feilong to produce a can for its brand new, traditionally-inspired rice beer. With a striking design, the can uses various ink combinations specifically selected by Rexam to incorporate Feilong's Chinese cultural influence.

Rexam Beverage Can - Europe & Asia

Premi launches the gorgeous Flex line of fragrance bottles

Premi, one of Italy's leading producers of packaging concepts, has released a gorgeous new glass bottle line designed to offer fragrance producers an elegant and distinctive option. The Flex line, made of extremely high quality glass, offers excellent heft, crystal clear clarity, and a number of distinguishing decoration options to make the line one of the most appealing recent launches in the fragrance space.


Mostra by Vetroelite: The art of mise-en-scene

It is through the spectacular elegance of its curves that Vetroelite's Mostra carafe shows off. Unwaveringly contemporary, this carafe takes into good account the creative trends of high quality spirits: Impressing facing, it boasts a generous weight and a thick glass bottom. The spectacular shape configured by Vetroelite guarantees real visibility at the point of sale and its fine and extravagant style in tune with the mood of the times.


RPC's new jar makes an impression on-shelf

Leading Italian cosmetic company ESI SpA has selected the Empress thick-walled crème jar from RPC Bramlage for its Aloedermal anti-ageing cream. The new jar combines a luxury image with the practical lightweight and shatterproof advantages of plastic to deliver a user-friendly pack solution that at the same time reflects the premium nature of the product it contains.


The Duo-End Make-up Pen from Fancy and Trend

As one of the premium cosmetic packaging providers based in Taiwan, Fancy & Trend often delivers the most modish cosmetic packaging designs. Recently, it has expanded the potential of make-up product mobility by presenting 4 different duo-end make-up pens that are designed to be compatible with many cosmetic products providing a ready to go make-up set.

Fancy & Trend

Four Peaks launches five brews in Rexam 12 oz cans

Four Peaks has launched five of its beers in Rexam cans and a sixth beer will be welcomed later in the year. As part of the launch, Four Peaks chose to upgrade its look by enhancing the messaging and graphics on its can labels to drive continuity across all its brands and strengthen its presence. The company worked closely with Rexam to utilize its graphics expertise for this new packaging.

Rexam Beverage Can - North America

Premi releases the lovely Quadri line of fragrance bottles

Recognized as a market leader with regard to full service packaging solutions, Italian firm Premi has released a new standard line for fragrances. The new Quadri line of fragrance bottles provides companies with the ability to select a simple and elegant fragrance bottle that can be decorated to fit into an existing line or to become the elegant and characteristic foundation of a new product launch.


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