Packaging Innovations

Neville and More's extensive new range of foamer bottles and foamer dispensers

Neville and More has designed and created a brand new range of foamer bottles and foamer dispensers, and the range includes 16 different bottles in both HDPE and PET to ensure maximum compatibility across a broad scope of products. This new foamer bottle range has been developed to support the growing demand for foaming products across the personal care market.

Neville and More

Smooth, rich foam with Quadpack's new 3 Mesh Foamer

The 3 Mesh Foamer from Quadpack Group uses Apollo's patented technology, designed with different meshes, to produce a greater volume of rich, luxurious foam that spreads easily onto the skin. The foamer has been constructed with three fine meshes. The liquid formula is forced through each of these in order to obtain smaller bubbles. The resulting foam is therefore velvety soft rather than soapy, in addition to being more voluminous. Furthermore, the richness of the foam lasts longer before turning back to liquid.


GCC's clutch bags: Stylish protection for colour cosmetics

The basic criteria for any packaging, premium or not, is the safe protection of the product contained within. Grace Cosmetics is well known in the cosmetic packaging industry for its creativity in developing novel cosmetic products as well as offering packaging innovations and has recently launched a new line of fabulous clutch bags as cosmetic palette packaging. The designers at GCC present two very different looks for the colour cosmetic clutch bag: Wildstyle and Bohemian.

Grace Cosmetics Co.

Rexam creates personalised cans for Coca-Cola Italia's 'Share a Kiss' campaign

Rexam, a leading global can maker, has partnered with Coca-Cola HBC Italia to create a range of limited edition cans for the Coca-Cola Italia 'Share a Kiss' summer campaign. The standard 330ml cans, created specifically for distribution in vending channels, use Rexam's innovative first-to-market, patent pending Editions™ technology, which allows for up to 24 designs to be printed simultaneously on a single pallet.

Rexam Beverage Can - Europe & Asia

Premi extends the Pure line with a 100ml glass version

Premi presents a new glass bottle in a 100ml capacity as an expansion of the Pure line, featuring high quality glass. The bottle has a 20/400 neck and is available with either Ice or Girotondo pumps in spray or cream versions and with the Girotondo screw cap. The new Pure size is an elegant yet solid addition to the line, perfect for just about any personal care product.


Fancy & Trend offers 3D drawing service to visualize packaging design

Since 3D printers became available for companies to use for creating samples, packaging development is moving faster than ever. However, actual sampling is still taking too much time for changing colour selections and style options when compared to a digital 3D packaging design that can be visualized as digital is always faster than actuality. Fancy & Trend's design team can offer 3D visual packaging design to its business partners around the world.

Fancy & Trend

GCC introduces its new cosmetic tool for defining, colouring and styling eyebrow make-up

Grace Cosmetics Co. has just introduced a handy 3-in-1 cosmetic tool for defining, colouring and styling eyebrow make-up. It is a multi-functional tool yet easy enough for consumers to apply cosmetic products freely. GCC's 3-in-1 cosmetic tool for eyebrows includes 3 major applications for optimum brow shape, colour and style.

Grace Cosmetics Co.

Copco's tamper-evident flip-top cap for plastic tubes

Copco has launched an innovative flip-top cap for plastic tubes with visual tamper-evidence in the form of special plastic seals. The snap-on flip-top cap is extremely difficult to remove from the tube and the special plastic tamper-evident seals remove the requirement for an aluminium virgin seal on the orifice to ensure the product remains safe from manipulation.

Copco Industrial Co. Ltd.

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