Packaging Innovations

Ambiance: A new sensual pleasure from Vetroelite

Vetroelite's two new Ambiance bottles were conceived and designed to compliment the ambience of the home. Both models convey feelings of well being, simplicity and pleasure, leading the user towards the delightful discovery of new sensations. Ambiance and Ambiance Carré are multi-market and multi-purpose solutions, perfect for home fragrances, olive oils, balsamic vinegars and spirits. The natural and sober design enhances the bright surfaces of an extra white glass, whilst the generous, almost hedonistic body is neither round, nor square.


PET, the plastic twin of glass

PET is a phenomenal material. The problem is, when creating containers out of PET, companies tend to approach the material as they would others, using the same proportions, sizing, and thicknesses that they would with other products. A standard PET product, however, isn't going to cut it in the luxury space, where consumers are accustomed to a higher level of quality. SR Packaging has a slightly different approach.

SR Packaging

Dispensing perfection, by Derjin

The options for packaging on the global market are numerous. Companies seeking to market new products today have so many choices available to them, it's difficult to know where to turn especially when it comes to determining the correct sort of dispensing required. Currently, one of the world's best sources for cosmetic and personal care dispensing is the Derjin Group, headquartered in Shanghai.


Neville and More's "Miniatures" for travel and sample packs

In response to market demand, Neville and More has launched a special range of miniature bottles and jars that are suitable for the packing of travel and sampler packs. All of the Miniatures line products benefit from a capacity of less than 100ml. Whilst Neville and More's Miniatures line is pocket-sized in stature, the range is extensive in its offering of capacities, materials and complements.

Neville and More

PET Power's sterile Media bottle ranges

PET Power has seen an increasing demand for sterile Media bottles over the past year and with its clean room, the company is in the perfect position to satisfy this demand with two lines: The Square Media range and the Round Media range, in a range of capacities from 125ml to 1.1L. Apart from the weight savings and the unbreakable nature of PET, the bottles are also resistant to temperatures as low as -20C° and are therefore suitable for cold stores.


Rexam creates stand out Christmas cans for Efes brewery

For more than 15 years, Rexam, a leading global beverage can maker, and Russian drinks company Efes Rus have engaged in a strategic partnership which has resulted in the creation of many innovative products. The most recent milestone in this fruitful collaboration has been the development of an original winter limited edition can for the Velkopopovicky Kozel dark beer brand. The new can joins a portfolio of successful designs developed by Rexam for Efes Rus.

Rexam Beverage Can - Europe & Asia

Panache technology behind the Art of Spray for fragrance, now available for beauty care with SP22 Panache Pulse

In 2011, Albéa revolutionized sprayers with the launch of its proprietary technology Panache, offering perfume brands a brand new user experience. Developed on the XD11 prestige pump, Panache is already a success with more than 15 international launches. Its enveloping effect is appreciated for hair perfumes and moisturizing body perfumes as much as in luxury perfumes. In 2014, Albéa built on this innovation to establish itself as the specialist in the Art of Spray with the launch of SP22 Panache Pulse, the sprayer that changes the beauty application game.


Dispenser delivers a positive reaction for RPC

The unique Twist Up airless dispenser from RPC Bramlage-Wiko has been selected for a new premium skincare brand, specifically developed for the athletic male. The Twist Up offers excellent functionality with hygienic no-mess dispensing and effective product protection. The upper part of the container turns to reveal the dispensing head for fast, convenient access to the product and controlled accurate dosing. In addition, the dispenser closes in the down position to protect the contents.

RPC Manuplastics

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