Packaging Innovations

How sweet it is: Rice’s Honey packaging enhances customer experience

If there’s one thing that Rice’s Honey Company has mastered, it’s their honey. For over 90 years Rice’s has been supplying pure, raw honey straight from the hive. While their high-quality honey has not changed, their packaging has experienced a makeover that consumers will love as much as the honey.

Mold-Rite Plastics LLC

Natura by Vetroelite: Simply beautiful by nature

The aim for the Natura bottle is to be able to be serve a large variety of products starting at Premium Sprits, through to olive oils and refined vinegars and ending with perfumery products. Vetroelite's latest bottle, Natura, has a universal vocation, and its contemporary style is suitable for traditional products as well as for new concepts.


Quadpack introduces a tube that offers total control, one drop at a time

Quadpack has just introduced the first dropper on the market that offers perfect dosage. It's total control from a tube and whilst it sounds too good to be true, the new 15ml Dropper Tube from Yonwoo gives exactly that. No matter how hard or soft the Dropper Tube is squeezed, it actuates the liquid formula contained within in 0.055ml drops, each and every one the same*, allowing for precise application to a local area.


Metallic shine for paint in plastic

Leading French paint producer V33 has created a sleek family image for its Colorissim indoor paints range, using the rectangular SuperCube® and small round Paintainer® from RPC Superfos, both of which feature a glossy metallic shine thanks to advanced in-mould labelling and UV varnish.


Felinfoel, Wales' oldest brewer, innovates with Rexam cans for Double Dragon Craft Ale range

Rexam, a leading global beverage can maker and Felinfoel, Wales' oldest brewer, have collaborated to launch the award-winning Double Dragon Craft Ale in Rexam 440ml cans. The partnership sees the alignment of two brands with a reputation for launching innovative products first to market. The new relationship between Felinfoel and Rexam was founded on a mutual dedication to providing beverages with unique designs that highlight heritage and history and focus on providing a fulfilling consumption experience for the consumer.

Rexam Beverage Can - Europe & Asia

SR Packaging extends heavy wall PET bottle collection to include small capacity bottles

SR Packaging is a Taiwanese firm that serves beauty and cosmetic companies internationally. Its recent packaging development of heavy wall PET bottles has proven to be a huge success that provides numerous solutions for various product types. The company's latest launch of small capacity bottles takes the line a step further to satisfy a market niche for exquisite products in a limited size.

SR Packaging

CPL's DG line undergoes expansion

CPL has just released an expansion to its DG line of bottles and jars. The company, long recognized for its innovative packaging concepts for the cosmetic sector, has created new sizes for the DG line as well as a variety of new decoration options, garnered from experience with customers adopting the line for their own launches.

CPL Packaging

Healthy juices look good in RPC's PET

250ml and 500ml clear PET bottles from RPC Containers Llantrisant are helping to convey the health and wellness values of a new range of organic, cold pressed juices, super-food smoothies and cleanses. The PET bottles from RPC Llantrisant enable the colourful juices to be clearly visible to maximise their impact on shelf, with plenty of room for the label that details the healthy ingredients. The bottles are lightweight and easy to handle to maximize consumer convenience.


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