Packaging Innovations

Yorker’s extraordinary spout caps

Yorker, one of North America's best known closure specialists, is swiftly becoming the only place companies need to go when looking for the best closures around to top their products, especially for spout caps. Yorker can solve just about any problem related to dispensing closures by offering one of the largest ranges of spout caps on the market today.

Yorker Packaging

The next gen in dispensing: Collcap releases the Smart Dropper

Collcap, long known in the industry as a supplier specialized in custom solutions and bespoke design concepts, has recently moved into standard packaging solutions and is swiftly dominating the space by offering products that are far and away beyond what one would normally consider standard items. A clear example of this is the firm's most recent release, its aptly named Smart Dropper.


MWV offers portability and convenience with launch of MiniMod

MWV introduces a new airless dispensing system—MiniMod™—which offers beauty care brands a solution that’s portable by design and convenient for on-the-go and in-home use, with a high level of functionality. MiniMod is an airless pump-on-pouch dispensing system that uses an easy-to-push button actuator for comfortable and controlled dispensing, and a fully customizable flexible pouch, available in stock 25ml and 40ml sizes. The solution works well with low-to-medium viscosity products, such as skincare crèmes, lotions or hair care products.

MWV - MeadWestvaco

PKP presents the PSA pressure sprayer collection

The latest addition to PKP's packaging catalogue of products is the PSA pressure sprayer. The sturdy bottle and sprayer combination provide a heady liquid stream when activated making it a nifty choice for industrial or animal spray products as well as household and garden where a little extra distance is required.


Louvrette appeals to the senses with digital and 3D printing

Digital printing technology has entered many flat-print industries already and has successfully replaced existing processes. 3D printing stands literally stands out when compared with conventional techniques, and consumers can feel and see the difference. This technique enables Louvrette to offer an individual look to all its standard products, without extensive investments in expensive tools.


Sharing made simple with RPC container

A new range of Chunkie cookies from Fox’s Biscuits are easy to share in a custom container from RPC Superfos Blackburn. Building on the excellent relationship between the two companies, RPCSuperfos worked with Fox’s to produce a tamper evident solution that could be produced on the existing container line.


Rexam premieres new 400ml Super Sleek can in partnership with Heineken

Rexam, a leading global can maker, has partnered with Heineken to launch a range of Strongbow Apple Ciders in Rexam’s brand new 400ml Super Sleek can. The latest addition to Rexam’s sleek can range, the 400ml Super Sleek, provides a stylish on-the-go packaging format, appealing to Strongbow’s key audience of twenty year old males and females.

Rexam Beverage Can - Europe & Asia

A new perfume sprayer could vastly improve the consumer experience

SR Packaging has developed a new product line for fragrance packaging components that could dramatically improve the quality of dispensing. SRP's perfume sprayer offers an excellent, leakage-free mechanism, a quality that is necessary in almost every dispensing packaging type.

SR Packaging

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