Packaging Innovations

Natio's new foundation in bold new Quadpack brush strokes

Australian women like many others around the globe love an effortless make-up experience. Natio, the Australian brand that specializes in natural beauty products, has achieved this for its new foundation at the touch of a Quadpack brush. Quadpack's Brush Tube is part of a range of special applicator tubes conceived to provide end-to-end solutions for innovative beauty products.


Kornelis creates closure system for Beanies

Kornelis is a firm that focuses on one specific thing: creating proper solutions for firms that require excellent and secure closures. The firm has developed a number of closures integrated into numerous products all over the world, the latest of which was the project taken on for Beanies, the English brand producing instant and premium roast coffees.


Magnetic releases value-added atomizers

Magnetic, a leader in cosmetic packaging based in the Asian region, has released a number of new atomizer concepts designed to provide companies with a way to truly stand apart on the shelf. Each of the atomizers in the Royal Love line offer some sort of wearable item that is completely integrated into the overall design of the packaging, providing the consumer with a value added GWP (gift with purchase) they can keep and enjoy.

Magnetic Packaging

Proper dispensing by Pin Mao

Pin Mao, one of Taiwan's best sources for cosmetic and personal care packaging solutions, has brought the EL series to market, featuring clean lines on traditionally configured containers, paired with some of the best dispensers on the market.

Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co. Ltd

GCC's new Fairy Dust Cosmetic Pen, specifically designed for upscale eye make up

GCC has released its latest make-up tool for eyes, the Fairy Dust Cosmetic Pen. It aims to illuminate and complete the application of facial make up by providing a shimmering touch to the eyes. Its sleek look is an extremely handy and portable size with a built in, spring loaded NBR eye shadow sponge that works exceedingly well when it comes to eye make-up application. It offers gentle yet firm and stable application to the eye lids, allowing consumers to apply shimmering powder and other make up types evenly and precisely without creating a mess.

Grace Cosmetics Co.

A star twist from RPC Bramlage

RPC Bramlage's pioneering Twist Up dispensing technology is to be made available on the company's market-leading Magic Star dispenser range. The new Magic Star Twist Up, in a range of sizes from 30ml to 200ml, will offer a choice of dosing levels of 1ml and 1.5ml. The containers are made from polypropylene for all sizes, while PET is available for 100ml and 150ml versions. The piston is manufactured in polyethylene.

RPC Group

Copco reveals its pragmatic tube with silicone brush

The newest addition to Copco's extensive range of packaging products is an attractive tube which benefits from the addition of a silicone brush. In combination, it is a special packaging in the field of skincare products. Copco's tube with silicone brush offers a new concept in skin care, differing from traditional offerings. The product can be applied with the silicone brush and it can also gently massage the skin.

Copco Industrial Co. Ltd.

Libo unveils its push up make up and treatment dispensing system

Libo Cosmetics, the Asian region's premier provider of packaging to the beauty sector, has released an innovative and interesting container/dispenser combo that's perfect for a number of products including foundations, treatments, and personal care serums that require ample dispensing or spread out coverage. The new combo set offers push-button dispensing to saturate an application pad that can be used to apply a product directly on the skin, without any other tools, complements, or applicators.

Libo Cosmetics

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