Packaging Innovations

Mold Rite's EZ-Grip and EZ-Safe

The world is designed for the average person. The average person, though, is a mature adult in relatively good health. The largest two groups that do not fall into this category are seniors and children, both of which have specific limitations when it comes to interacting with product packaging. For seniors, reduced dexterity is often an issue with regard to getting to a product whereas with children, the opposite is true, their access needs to be limited, especially with regard to medications. This is the primary motivation behind Mold Rite Plastics' release of the EZ-Grip and EZ-Safe closure family.

Mold-Rite Plastics LLC

MWV's new Aerosense aerosol sprayer is stand out

MWV's newest aerosol sprayer, Aerosense™, offers brand differentiation through its unique shelf presence and ergonomic spray experience. Specifically designed for products such as sun care, body spray and hair sprays, Aerosense is a trigger-actuated sprayer that enables effortless actuation with a continuous, even spray pattern.

MWV - MeadWestvaco

FS Korea reveals its Found-Eddy brush

FS Korea has revealed its latest innovation - the Found-Eddy brush. The Found-Eddy brush is a multiple brush designed to work with both foundation and concealer. It is pre-cut into a tornado shape to give light, even coverage providing an "airbrush effect" for the face.

FS Korea

SR Packaging's high-tech 3D zinc alloy massaging applicator

SR Packaging has launched a high-tech massaging applicator. Not only is the zinc alloy applicator soothing and smoothing to the fragile skin around the contour of the eyes, but also provides a precise dispensing control so users don't apply too much product to the delicate area and risk seepage into the eyes.

SR Packaging

New range of coloured aluminium bottles launched by Neville and More

Aluminium Bottles are now available from Neville and More in any colour of the rainbow for a minimum order of only 5000 bottles with a creative and flexible service that dramatically increases the level of product innovation now possible using aluminium bottles. The bottles range in size from 30ml up to 1000ml and all have the same GCMI 410 neck finish in either 24mm or 28mm.

Neville and More

New look to Borde's range of fruits in syrup

Specialist wild mushroom and forest fruits in syrup processor Borde, based in Saugues, Haute Loire, France, is updating its range of red fruits with new multilayer packaging from RPC Containers Corby. The attractive and practical jars feature a PP/EVOH/PP construction to provide effective product protection against oxygen ingress and give an ambient shelf life of up to 18 months conserving the qualities of the fruit.

RPC Manuplastics

Quadpack company Technotraf creates timeless elegance for Jean Patou

"The first wish of a man is that he should be 'of his own time'," legendary designer and entrepreneur Jean Patou told Harper's Bazaar magazine in 1926. With this sentiment in mind, Technotraf, a Quadpack company, has created a timelessly elegant cap for Jean Patou's Heritage fragrance collection.


New trigger sprayer from MJS Packaging

MJS Packaging has introduced a new trigger sprayer that has all the basic features at a market leading price. The sprayer comes in a 28-400 finish, allowing it to be paired with a wide variety of bottles ranging in capacity from eight to 64 ounces. It features a two-finger trigger, Spray Stream and Off settings, and a .75ml output.

MJS Packaging

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