Packaging Innovations

Neville and More's reed fragrance bottle ranges from stock

British packaging company, Neville and More, has launched a number of new ranges of glass bottles for reed diffusers and room fragrance products. These bottles are available direct from stock and are available in a variety of simple, yet elegant shapes and sizes to complement any fragrance to suit any room shape or size.

Neville and More

Stila offers the perfect complexion in a stick from Quadpack's Q-Line range

California-based Stila is a carefree, whimsical cosmetics brand for women who make up their own rules. Its philosophy dictates that every day is a day to create a new story and put your best face forward. And its new 'CC Color Correcting Stick SPF 20' – contained in a 15mg pan stick from Quadpack's Q-Line range – allows you to do that with a healthy, youthful looking complexion.


Sudwerk Brewing Co. launches flagship beer in Rexam cans

In an effort to make its flagship beer more accessible to consumers, Sudwerk Brewing Co. has introduced California Dry Hop Lager in Rexam 12 oz. cans. This is the first time the 25-year old brewery has canned one of its brews. The company decided to try aluminum cans because their portability and durability make them better suited for outdoor adventures like hiking, camping and fishing.

Rexam Beverage Can - North America

SRP releases square closures for cosmetic tubes

Cosmetic tube packaging is commonly seen in the flourishingly market of body care items: shower gels, shampoos, lotions and haircare products. The purpose of using a tube as a first option is due to the number of features it provides, such as less plastic usage, flexibility of shaping, and adaptability to volume changes. SR Packaging has provided packaging to the beauty and cosmetic market for decades, and kept its own pace of creating and moving forward on more astonishing products. The company, which was able to turn the phrase “tubes can cylindrical” into a reality, now clearly states “caps for tube can be square”.

SR Packaging

Fancy & Trend’s two-in-one lipstick/gloss container

Often, wearing a lipstick or lip gloss separately isn’t good enough for many consumers. In fact, there are many people that carry about one of each in a bag, doubling the effort to rummage and find them, among the myriad other objects in the purse. Fancy & Trend has seized on the concept of gathering these two products into the consumer’s hands in a better way. Based in Taiwan, Fancy & Trend is known for its upscale service and for providing excellent beauty and cosmetic packaging.

Fancy & Trend

The three fundamentals of a great mascara product: Grace Cosmetics Co.

As a professional cosmetic packaging provider, Grace Cosmetics Co. knows and values the significance of the relationship between a good mascara product with its packaging, brush and formula, and has developed a substantial selection of mascara packaging solutions to ensure the perfect mascara product for eyes and lashes of every shape and size.

Grace Cosmetics Co.

Case study: TricorBraun helps Mocktails shake up the traditional party drink market

For those who don't drink alcohol, being the partygoer carrying a bottle of water among those enjoying colorful drinks in exotic glasses can draw unwanted attention and adversely affect their enjoyment of the moment. That was Bill Gamelli's thinking when he conceived the idea for Mocktails - colorful, exotic-looking non-alcoholic drinks shaken and served from a cocktail shaker into those same fancy cocktail glasses.


Tu-Plast presents its Polywood tube

As the natural, bio-based product market is growing, so too is the demand for natural, environmentally friendly packaging materials. To fulfil such increasing demand, Tu-Plast has created the Polywood tube. Using natural wooden material for flexible polyethylene tubes is an absolutely innovative concept developed by Tu-Plast.


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