Packaging Innovations

Copco releases a new and superlative take on foam dispensing

Copco, a leading Asian firm supplying a number of packaging solutions to the international market, has released an innovative foam pump that offers superlative dispensing of thick, rich foam. Geared toward personal care products with a variety of viscosities, the new foam pump concept offers consumers smooth, easy dispensing without clogging or stalling.

Copco Industrial Co. Ltd.

SRP's squeezable, special metallic coating: A new phase of packaging surface technology for rigid containers

SR Packaging has developed a brand new packaging surface decoration technology for rigid containers comprised of less plastic or a thinner plastic layer - the "squeezable metallic special coating". Different to the metallic flat finish brought by the vacuum metallizing process, the squeezable metallic special coating provides a vivid light reflection on metallic coated objects. Its flexibility on coated objects extends the metallic glow across a complete aspect of visual angles.

SR Packaging

Simple yet sophisticated: O.Berk's new glass Stout Bottles

The new glass Stout Bottles from O'Berk provide a superior package for food and beverages offering a simple yet sophisticated product. Now available in production stock and ready to ship in pallet quantities within 1-3 weeks, the Stout Bottle, available in 12oz and 16oz glass capacities, is truly unique. With a 38-405 neck finish, the Stout Bottle has a wide mouth, perfect for thick pourable applications, sauces, syrups, dressings and a variety of food and beverages.

O.Berk Company

Quadpack's Airtight Jumbo Stick for long-lasting formulae

Quadpack's Make-Up Divsion has released a new airtight version of Jumbo Stick, its high-performance pen for lip or eye colour. Part of the growing Q-Line make-up range, the new format is specifically designed for long-lasting formulae, keeping them fresh inside a sealed container that helps prevent them from drying out.


RPC's new barrier bottle is the tops!

A new range of dessert toppings from leading Belgium manufacturer Colac is using a custom moulded 850ml multilayer bottle from RPC Promens Consumer NL in Kerkrade to deliver the ideal combination of long shelf life and on-shelf appeal. The bottle is blow moulded in PP/EVOH/PP, which protects the products against oxygen ingress to deliver an ambient shelf life of up to 24 months.


Vetroelite's Vaso Shente line: High purpose jars for high level products

Vetroelite, the Italian premier provider of glass packaging solutions, has released a new line of high purpose jars: Vaso Shente. Unlike traditional jars, the new family of products is designed to draw attention on the shelf and offer the consumer a piece of packaging that's commensurate with the high expectations associated with a luxury product.


Magnetic presents its handy sized airless cosmetic bottles

There is no one typical type of consumer and neither is there one universal product that everyone wants to use. For that reason Magnetic presents its handy sized airless cosmetic bottles for the consumer who likes to try new things and have a lotion bottle in a size that can easily be slipped into their hand luggage, or their hand bag. The bottles are comprised of PP, making them lightweight and a perfect choice for treatment lotions.

Magnetic Packaging

Rexam supports innovative start up, acáo, to launch new vegan 'smart drink'

Rexam has partnered with acáo, the forward-thinking German drinks start-up, to launch a new organic vegan 'Smart Drink' in Rexam's stylish 250ml slim cans. The cans use Rexam's HD printing to bring to life a detailed illustration of the brand's mascot, the Macaw Parrot, resulting in a striking can with strong stand out on shelf. The value added matt-over varnish finish gives a premium feel, reflecting the brand's sophistication, and appealing to the key target consumer.

Rexam Beverage Can - Europe & Asia

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