Packaging Innovations

Hyaluron 2.0 eye gel features Neopac's Polaris Ceramic Cooltip

Neopac has been chosen to manufacture a 19mm diameter tube with a Polaris ceramic applicator for the Alcina care range from Dr. Kurt Wolff. Hyaluron 2.0, the enhanced form of hyaluronic acid, ensures optimal moisture penetration of the skin with large and small molecules, providing extra moisture for firmer skin around the eyes.

Neopac The Tube

MJS Packaging's Trigger Sprayers: 5 essentials

In many cases, the only thing standing between a product and its success is the means in which the product gets delivered from inside the container. Trigger sprayers provide an important example of this rule and MJS Packaging's quality trigger sprayers are all designed and manufactured to enhance the performance of a product while complementing the container they fit.

MJS Packaging

Neville and More's unmistakeable Bobble Cap

The latest addition to Neville and More's extensive packaging repertoire is a distinct 63mm size recyclable polypropylene Bobble Cap which can be produced in a multitude of different shades including solid colours, translucent and glitter colours. The Bobble Cap can be used for packing a whole range of different products including confectionery, chocolates, nuts, dried snacks, spices, herbs and cereals. It gives an ideal finishing touch to gift packs and for special occasions such as Christmas and Easter products.

Neville and More

Berries stay fresh in RPC's SuperLock

RPC Superfos's SuperLock® pot has provided the ideal solution to enable a new berry and fruit purée to stay fresher for longer. The injection moulded polypropylene SuperLock® pack with barrier protection has won several international prizes, notably because of its extremely low oxygen transmission rates which mean that most convenience products can stay on shelf under ambient temperatures for up to two years.


Galena Brewing Company offers three beers in Rexam cans

Just in time for the prime summer months, Galena Brewing Company has expanded its packaging lineup to include three beers in Rexam 16oz cans. After being retailed exclusively in glass bottles, Galena Brewing Co. chose to add cans because of the many inherent benefits they deliver. Aluminum cans are durable and portable, often permitted at parks, lakes and other outdoor locations where glass is not. They block out all light and oxygen helping to preserve the beer's integrity longer.

Rexam Beverage Can - North America

Flexible foil packaging in 3D is easy with TurnAvisual

TurnAvisual has created a double win solution for those manufacturers of flexible foil packaging. First of all, TurnAvisual offers a standard range consisting of different shapes and customers can choose the size they need. If the shape with requested measurements is not available, then it is possible to make it within just 24 hours. Furthermore, the company provides the opportunity to customize shapes too.


2 new PET squeezer ranges by Acti Pack: Ketcho & Ginger

Responding to customer demand for innovative shapes to be made available in PET, Acti Pack has launched 2 new families of standard squeezer for sweet foods and savoury favourites. The new "Ketcho" and "Ginger" ranges offer 2 design options in order to suit customer needs. Available in sizes from 270ml to 500ml, Ketcho and Ginger both offer original shapes with large labelling surfaces for spicy communication.

Loire Plastic Industrie and Acti Pack

BillerudKorsnäs presents Fibreform: Creativity beyond limits

After years of development, BillerudKorsnäs now has a cost-effective and environmentally sound alternative to plastic called FibreForm, the first 3D formable (stretchable) paper. It's opened up the door to a number of possible applications as it is eco-friendly, food-friendly, stretchable and mouldable.


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