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The 3 fundamentals for a good mascara product: Grace Cosmetics Co.

As a professional cosmetic packaging provider, Grace Cosmetics Co. knows and values the significance of the relationship between a good mascara product with its packaging, brush and formula, and has developed a substantial selection of mascara packaging solutions to ensure the perfect mascara product for eyes and lashes of every shape and size.

Grace Cosmetics Co.

Case study: TricorBraun helps Mocktails shake up the traditional party drink market

For those who don't drink alcohol, being the partygoer carrying a bottle of water among those enjoying colorful drinks in exotic glasses can draw unwanted attention and adversely affect their enjoyment of the moment. That was Bill Gamelli's thinking when he conceived the idea for Mocktails - colorful, exotic-looking non-alcoholic drinks shaken and served from a cocktail shaker into those same fancy cocktail glasses.


Tu-Plast presents its Polywood tube

As the natural, bio-based product market is growing, so too is the demand for natural, environmentally friendly packaging materials. To fulfil such increasing demand, Tu-Plast has created the Polywood tube. Using natural wooden material for flexible polyethylene tubes is an absolutely innovative concept developed by Tu-Plast.


CPL releases a line of pastoral Milk Jug containers for personal care products

Nothing seems as wholesome as that image of farm-fresh milk in old-fashioned bottles, hearkening back to simpler times and reminding one of a past when things were less complicated. CPL has released a line of quaint personal care product containers that remind the consumer of that bygone era, when the milkman would leave jugs on the stoop and life was perhaps just a little slower, less complicated, and a bit more natural. These old-school looking containers are perfect for a wide array of creams, milks, and other creamy products.

CPL Packaging

Fresh, colourful and fun: Yonwoo's Airless Point Neck

The benefits of airless technology are now available in a playful yet elegant pack. New from Yonwoo is this colourful 50ml container, perfect for skin care brands targeting a young, vibrant audience. With a neck ring available in any Pantone colour, the Airless Point Neck can be used for a range of colour-coded products or simply match a brand's signature colour.


Smart, attractive and ergonomic: new Love Affair lip gloss applicators by Albéa Tips Studio

Albéa has launched Love Affair, a new lip gloss line with applicators in innovative, surprising shapes that provide for precise, comfortable, elegant and fun use. Each of the four lipglosses - Caress, Kiss, Gossip and Scandal – has flocking that is as soft as a kiss and unique shapes for better formula loading. There's no need to reload, especially as a flexible wiper makes application easier and more efficient.


MWV's essential skincare and cosmetics line

MWV's skincare portfolio — Aria, Sonnet, Prelude and Sonata — is an essential part of any brand's skincare line. Each dispenser has been specifically designed to enhance the performance of high-viscosity, oxygen sensitive cosmetic and personal care products. The skincare pumps are designed to ensure consistently smooth product delivery every time while the stroke length is designed to allow for a low force-to-actuate, for an enhanced feeling of comfort and control.

MWV - MeadWestvaco

FS Korea releases an incredible new way to apply eyeliner

One of the Asian region's most forward-thinking firms, FS Korea has released an incredible and revolutionary way to apply eyeliner. The completely new paradigm is the result of a long research and development process that determined many consumers have difficulty applying cosmetics directly to eyes, due to the delicate nature of the area. The new Eyeliner Compass offers an application method that's safer, easier, and better.

FS Korea

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