Packaging Innovations

Quadpack's new line for liquid foundation can be tailored to suit

Quadpack's Make-Up Division has launched a line for liquid foundation comprising four elegant packs that are a direct response to modern make-up formulas. The new range shifts foundation packaging beyond airless to include atmospheric pumps and droppers, and is part of Quadpack's Q-Line brand.


Convert CAD drawings into a 3D model of a new box with TurnAvisual

As an up-to-the-moment innovative company with initiative thats priority is to make its service ever more efficient and comfortable for customers to use, TurnAvisual has developed a corrugated carton/cardboard solution. This solution allows packaging manufacturers to have their own webshop created and hosted by TurnAvisual with all the existing standard ranges of packaging, together with the opportunity to offer customers the ability to order new models.


Nea technology platform by Albéa: The best dispensing protection for all skincare formulas

The Nea technology platform is designed for today's most sensitive and fragile formulations. Lotion is a fast growing market in China more and more complex formulas such as moisturizing cream, whitening cream, BB and CC cream, etc, can be seen. To ensure the protection of all these formulas, Albéa offers the Nea technology platform providing the right packaging solution depending on the formula's properties.


RPC's paint pack solution delivers beauty and quality

For the launch of a special product line for professional painters, the Italian paint producer Colorificio Atria s.r.l wanted a striking look. The result is now on shelves featuring a packaging solution of coloured lids and handles from RPC Superfos. To help give the pails a striking look and a strong visual impact, there is a great variety of colours with coloured lids and handles that match the artwork design, a feature which is not commonly seen on the paint market.


Pin Mao introduces new items to its PET-G bottle and jar collection

One of the most common plastic materials that has been massively adopted by the packaging space is PETG. Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co. Ltd., a leading Taiwanese packaging manufacturer, has just released two complementary ranges, the TL bottle series and the TP jar series, offering exceptional value to beauty and cosmetic companies. The notable design of the hourglass shaped TL bottles feature an additional top collar design making the line distinctive from other PETG packaging.

Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co. Ltd

Premi presents Pulse and Passion, two complementary lines

Premi has released two complementary packaging ranges for personal care products, tapering in opposite directions, in order to ensure companies have the means to offer a full brand line. The Pulse and Passion ranges are simple and elegant containers designed to create a luxurious appearance that appeals to discerning consumers.


Cock’n Bull Ginger Beer adds Rexam 24oz. Cap Can to packaging mix

Cock'n Bull Ginger Beer, the original Moscow Mule mixer, has added the Rexam 24 oz. Cap Can with closure technology from Dayton Systems Group (DSG) to its packaging line-up. This move gives consumers an innovative, re-sealable option. With the right amount of true ginger flavor for a smooth clean finish, this soft drink is caffeine free and made with real sugar.

Rexam Beverage Can - North America

GCC's advanced digital printing for tactile sensation decoration on cosmetic packaging

Grace Cosmetics Co. makes digital printing a more desirable decoration option with its advanced digital printing technique. Through mechanical calculations and by predetermining the visual effect, GCC can print not only vivid colour onto its cosmetic packaging, but also a 3D surface - exciting the eyes and tantalizing the fingers.

Grace Cosmetics Co.

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