Packaging Innovations

Bruce Willis and Technotraf get Personal

Although known for his action movie roles, renowned actor Bruce Willis is active in other areas, too. Perfumery is one of these and the exclusive men's fragrance, Personal Edition, is the third of his fragrances to hit the market. The perfume's clean and elegant flask is crowned with a wooden cap created by Technotraf, a Quadpack Group company.


Neville and More launch a brand new PET "Test Tube Bottle" range

As the name suggests, Neville and More's new line of bottles are designed to be in the shape of a test tube and are manufactured in crystal clear, near-unbreakable PET. There are two styles, a true test tube shape with a round base in 20ml and a flat based version in 10ml and 20ml sizes.

Neville and More

The new Window line, by Libo Cosmetics

The point of colour cosmetics is often to showcase precisely what those sorts of products offer - colour. Hence, covering up one of the key selling points of a cosmetic seems counter-productive. Libo Cosmetics, one of the Asian region's leading suppliers of cosmetic packaging. has released an elegant and understated line of compacts and matching lipstick containers that provide companies with the means to show off their products without having to create fully transparent lines.

Libo Cosmetics

PKP produces new industrial dispensers

Choosing the right container for industrial applications is serious business. Many harsh chemicals need to be stored safely without fear of seepage over time, so compatibility is paramount when creating the packaging for such products. The dispensing system used must also be taken into account. It serves no purpose to select an appropriate container and then slap on just any old dispenser. In order to offer companies the safest possible components, PKP has researched and produced a new line of dispensers specifically for the industrial sector, designed to be safe, resilient, and easy to use.


Bona launches child resistant nasal spray

With nearly 20 years of experience in developing, manufacturing, and marketing a variety of pharmaceutical dispensing systems worldwide, Bona has launched a new patent product, a child resistant nasal spray bottle which has been designed specifically for nasal sprays which include imidazolines, according to the new regulation voted in by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Bona Medicinal

Coster valves and actuators used to trace free kick lines in major football competitions

Football fans watching this summer's Brazil 2014 World Cup can't fail to have noticed the official vanishing spray used by the referees in all 64 matches and equipped with a Coster aerosol valve and V05.922 actuator ensuring that players respected the regulatory 9.15 metre distance between the free-kick position and the defenders.


Collcap's latest: Tubes with roller ball dispensing and angled heads

The latest tube offering from Collcap this summer is perfect for those brands looking for an eye-catching and truly worthwhile pack which will appeal to consumers looking for an applicator to enhance their beauty regimen.


RPC's new pack for easy dairy snacking

An innovative and brand new packaging solution from RPC Superfos is now available for dairy producers and the stylish pack includes a convenient spoon, in tune with consumer demand for more easy meals on-the-go. Just like the injection moulded plastic pot as a whole, the spoon is beautifully designed and a delight to hold.

RPC Manuplastics

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