Packaging Innovations

MMC Packaging presents the Icon

MMC believes the key to improving machinery is through information. Information allows a company to measure and improve, to observe and prevent, and to test and optimize. These actions are the primary reasons behind MMC's development of the Icon, the intelligent console designed to increase throughput and maximize uptime.

MMC Packaging Equipment

Pin Mao's sterile single-use packaging

Pin Mao, one of Asia's leading producers of packaging for a wide array of sectors, has upgraded its existing single-use line of ampoules and serum bottles. The range has been improved with a number of material and closure options designed to offer firms, particularly those in the pharma space, a wider selection of packaging.

Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co. Ltd

High quality cosmetic jars at an excellent price

Modulpac has extended its closure assortment with high quality jars, made mainly for cosmetic use. They have, with their long experience in injection molding technology, succeeded in developing a price efficient and well designed jar with many unique features that a customer can personalize as required.

Modulpac AB

Changing trends and customer requirements drive Nest Filler to create a new PP line

Global packaging trends have taken a lot of companies worldwide the route of seeking to house their wares in packaging that is more environmentally sensitive as well as compatible with the product. While different sorts of packaging seem to offer different substances more or less reactions, PP is a fairly neutral material that can contain a broad range of substances. Nest Filler's latest PP range is an excellent choice for just about any product offered in the personal care or cosmetic spaces.

Nest Filler

Luxurious pumps for Neopac's airless tubes

The new "Airless™ tube de luxe" from Neopac shows off a product in the best light as the mirrored high gloss look of the body compliments a luxurious Airless pump from Aptar whilst the airless tube protects its contents from air and bacteria, providing safe protection. Neopac tubes with Aptar pumps are available in Ø 25 and 30 mm and volumes of 15 – 75 ml.

Neopac The Tube

The new Air Luxe line, by Eurovetrocap

Eurovetrocap is a leading company in the field of cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging, offering a wide variety of standard products and decoration facilities to enable customers to personalize their own packs. Recently, the company celebrated the launch of Air Luxe, an innovative airless container/dispenser dedicated to the high-end market. The Air Luxe line was developed with the invaluable contribution of Dupont.


RPC's fresh packaging for trusted products

RPC has developed a new series of bottles with a special base design for ASB Greenworld's concentrated fertilisers. The HDPE bottles were created by the RPC UK Design Studio and are blow-moulded in classic green by RPC Kutenholz, in 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre sizes. They incorporate a user-friendly easy-grip handle and a sight strip, which allows the user to establish the fill level and measure out the desired quantity precisely by using the measuring cap.

RPC Manuplastics

Lotus Botanical Elixirs launch in Rexam Sleek cans with tactile printing

In today's hectic and fast-paced world, life finds ways to throw everyone out of balance. Consumers looking for a way to restore their balance now have an innovative new beverage option. Lotus Botanical Elixirs have launched in distinctive Rexam 12oz Sleek® cans with tactile printing.

Rexam Beverage Can - North America

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