Packaging Innovations

MMC Packaging presents the Icon

MMC believes the key to improving machinery is through information. Information allows a company to measure and improve, to observe and prevent, and to test and optimize. These actions are the primary reasons behind MMC's development of the Icon, the intelligent console designed to increase throughput and maximize uptime.

MMC Packaging Equipment

Pin Mao's sterile single-use packaging

Pin Mao, one of Asia's leading producers of packaging for a wide array of sectors, has upgraded its existing single-use line of ampoules and serum bottles. The range has been improved with a number of material and closure options designed to offer firms, particularly those in the pharma space, a wider selection of packaging.

Pin Mao Plastic Industry Co. Ltd

SR Packaging's double-walled closure - A new concept for cap decoration

The latest breakthrough innovation to be revealed by SRP is a whole new concept that may change cap decoration from here after. SRP has introduced a double walled closure comprised of PMMA acrylic. The closure was first unveiled for SR's cosmetic tube packaging to present a more upmarket outer cover steering well away from pre-conceived misconceptions of cheap shoddiness.

SR Packaging

Bona releases an innovative crimp-on oral spray

With 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical packaging trade, Bona maintains its leading position, relying on its spirit of continuous innovation and perfection. Bona has recently released a line of novel crimp-on oral sprays that offers excellent dispensing, spectacular dosing, and perfect visual appeal, especially designed for oral treatments.

Bona Medicinal

E-ON premium energy drink launches in Rexam 12oz Sleek cans

There's a new energy drink for the "modern and forward-minded". Building off the success and rapid growth of its products in Europe and Asia, Global Functional Drinks has launched E-ON premium energy drinks in the US. The Swiss-based beverage developer has partnered with Rexam to offer Americans a new energy drink option in 12oz Sleek cans.

Rexam Beverage Can - North America

RPC's pack keeps the customer interested

RPC Superfos has helped to create a sleek updated pack for Norwegian company Mills DA, designed to maintain and increase customer interest and loyalty in its margarine brands. Products from Norwegian Mills support a healthy lifestyle. The re-launch of these products in a bespoke improved packaging solution from RPC Superfos recognizes the fact that the margarine business is a competitive one that also demands continuous development in terms of its packaging.

RPC Manuplastics

MWV enhances the skincare experience with Amplify™

MeadWestvaco Corporation, a global leader in packaging and packaging solutions, has introduced the latest addition to its skincare dispensing portfolio: Amplify™. The solution represents MWV's leadership in creating dispensing solutions that enhance the consumer experience in the beauty and personal care industry.

MWV - MeadWestvaco

SR gives PP caps 3 razzle dazzle treatments

PP is the latest material that SR Packaging has turned its eye to and transformed from commonplace plastic into 3 stunning, premium-look finishes: Ice wedge, water drop and holographic. Recyclable, resistant to fatigue and compatible with chemicals, PP is the perfect choice for a number of cosmetic packaging selections.

SR Packaging

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