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    Acti Pack lives up to its motto, "Our standard products are your assets"

    • Acti Pack

    Acti Pack's motto is the company's development strategy: offering a large range of standard PET bottles and jars from 50 ml to 5000ml with several standard closures solutions.

    The company has recently expanded its standard PET jars with the brand new range "Nova" available in 6 capacities from 250ml to 3000ml.

    Specifically created for the food market, an area which is constantly looking for efficient packaging, the new range Nova gets to the point and is offering alternative solution to standard glass packaging. Unbreakable, PET jars can be used for the packing of spices, honey, sweets, sugar, chocolate spread, etc.

    The Nova Advantage:

    • Complete range for a very wide selection
    • Simple cylindrical design for easy labelling
    • Wide labelling surface for efficient communication
    • Developed from standard necks Twist off 63, Twist off 82 and Twist off 110, take advantage of the synergy of GroupeAxium with a large choice of PP closures produced by Loire Plastic Industrie
    • Can complete offer jar + closure in supplying induction or PS liner for perfect airtightness of products

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    Show off in Acti Packs brand new Next PET bottle range

    Show off in Acti Pack's brand new 'Next' PET bottle range

    During the past year Acti Pack has been working on a new range of cylindrical bottles to offer an alternative product to the round shapes currently seen across the market. Following several proposals, recommendations and adaptations, the 'Next' range was created. Acti Pack's 'Next' bottles are available in sizes from 150ml to 500ml and the set also includes a 300ml hand soap bottle. Featuring a curved bottom and flat shoulders the line is ideal for packaging personal care products.

    Acti Packs success story continues into Germany

    Acti Pack's success story continues into Germany

    With €20 million turnover, Acti Pack, one of the leading European manufacturers of PET packaging for the personal care and food industries, realizes a 10% growth rate per year. September 1st saw Acti Pack inaugurate its new sales offices in Germany. The French family-owned SME, achieves more than half of its turnover at export and is well known by the German personal care and food companies. Following more than 15 years activity on the German market, Acti Pack's packaging can be found in supermarkets across Germany.

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