• Innovation Zone Live 2019

    Innovation Zone Live 2019

    Join us at ThePackHub's Innovation Zone Live 2019, where packaging suppliers and brands share their very latest packaging innovations. Webpac's Lars Hoffmann will be there to show you how our cutting-edge technology digitizes and accelerates pack development.

  • Sustainable PET Boston Round bottles for the youngest generation

    Sustainable PET Boston Round bottles for the youngest generation

    In response to growing market demands, especially on the part of parents, consumer expectations of baby products are getting higher and higher as products become more sleek and stylish. With the combination of sustainability and a wide range of contemporary designs for baby products, SR Packaging introduces a collection of Boston Round bottles made of recyclable PET that is perfect for baby care solutions.

  • Giflor's environmental commitment is enhancing sales

    Giflor's environmental commitment is enhancing sales

    Cutting edge technology is being utilized to enhance sustainability at Giflor. And it's not just machinery that is benefiting a more environmentally-friendly production. Find out how the world renowned caps manufacturer is making its product offering greener and saving the world's resources.

  • Behind the scenes at Giflor Closures

    Behind the scenes at Giflor Closures

    Denis Dalla Fontana, Operations Manager at Giflor offers a unique opportunity for a behind the scenes look at the Italian caps and closures company. Inspiration comes from within at Giflor as the company maintains a cutting edge position at the forefront of closure technology and production techniques through investing, testing and exploring new materials.

  • The integral relationship between sustainability and innovation

    The integral relationship between sustainability and innovation

    At Virospack CSR has been one of the cornerstones of the business since it began in 1956. For over 60 years the Spanish Dropper Company has been working to ensure that every member of the team feels at home, whilst respecting the environment as the home of the business, to ensure minimal impact. As the family business has grown, so too have the measures which the company assures for both a happy workplace and healthy planet for future generations to enjoy.

  • Tetra Pak: A clear focus on quality

    Tetra Pak: A clear focus on quality

    As well as being world-renowned for their cartons and filler-packages, Tetra Pak is also a top quality producer of sauce packaging, with 80 percent of their output in Spanish production site Salsa Rica being mayonnaise. The two production lines manufacture about 100 tonnes of mayonnaise or other sauces per day and the final product is packaged in plastic buckets or in glass jars on the filling machine lines.

  • Food packaging vs. food waste

    Food packaging vs. food waste

    As the world’s population anticipates growth to 9 billion people by 2050, some 795 million people go hungry every day, meaning that pressure placed on food manufacturers to increase production is soaring through the roof. However, a reported 1.3 billion tonnes of food are either lost or wasted annually, with Americans wasting 150,000 tonnes of food every single day. Packaging design is being recognised more and more as the way forward in the fight to reduce food waste.

  • The food packaging forecast

    The food packaging forecast

    Research suggests that Generation Z has perhaps the largest purchasing power, and their fast-paced lifestyles mean that the food packaging industry is rushing to keep up. The packaging sector is currently characterised by change, but certain market movements rise above the rest. We present our 8 top picks for emerging trends from the food packaging world.

  • Food packaging combats the obesity pandemic

    Food packaging combats the obesity pandemic

    The World Health Organisation warns that worldwide obesity levels have tripled since 1975, and calorie consumption is only increasing further. As nutritional experts find fault with bulk buy boxes and children’s cartoon characters, more and more packaging manufacturers in the field of food are realising that pressure is mounting for them to adapt to the times and guarantee critical change.

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