Acti Pack makes sustainability easy with 50% PCR Bottles

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Acti Pack is continuously developing new products and updating their existing product lines to better fit their customer’s needs. Consumers and suppliers alike are more and more interested in PCR plastic and other more sustainable options- Acti Pack listened and delivered!

Their best-selling NEXT range of bottles are the standard in plastic bottles. Now, Acti Pack is producing the NEXT line with 50% PCR PET for a more eco-conscious product. These bottles are available in a range of capacities, from 100ml to 1,000ml, making them perfect for a wide variety of products.

It’s important that sustainability is accessible for every business, big and small. That’s why Acti Pack is selling their 50% PCR Pet bottles with a low MOQ of just 1 pallet. Now, sustainable products are available to the highest number of customers possible.

Remember, all of Acti Pack’s products are 100% recyclable. The NEXT range is great for personal care, home care, and beauty products.

Based in France, Acti Pack specializes in PET injection blow molded jars and bottles. They serve a range of industries, including personal care and food.

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During the past year Acti Pack has been working on a new range of cylindrical bottles to offer an alternative product to the round shapes currently seen across the market. Following several proposals, recommendations and adaptations, the 'Next' range was created. Acti Pack's 'Next' bottles are available in sizes from 150ml to 500ml and the set also includes a 300ml hand soap bottle. Featuring a curved bottom and flat shoulders the line is ideal for packaging personal care products.

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