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There's much to consider when preparing a complete fragrance pack: It's not just bottles and atomizers! Adequate Packaging ensures that its clientele always has access to complete information in order to envision and create fragrance packaging that consumers will love.

Fragrance and its packaging appeal to four of the five human senses and it is important to take this into account when imagining your next fragrance project. Whilst the consumer may believe that they are purchasing a fragrance pack for its smell, it's equally important that the packaging fulfils the other senses too.

The sound of the sprayer and its output should complement the fragrance. A gentle sound and an output that provides that perfect whisper of perfume - not too much, yet not too little that the user cannot feel the microdroplets gently landing upon their skin.

The glass bottle too needs to look good on the nightstand and also feel good in the hand. Is it comfortable to hold? Does the overcap complement the bottle? And is it held in place firmly enough to avoid accidental actuation, yet easy enough to slide off so that the consumer can envelop themselves with their chosen fragrance?  Does the complete fragrance pack have that 'je ne sais quoi' that will capture the consumer's imagination? 

Adequate Packaging offers a variety of services to ensure that its customers can prepare the perfect complete fragrance pack from its excellent selection of packaging choices. 

Watch the video to see how we ensure that your perfume packaging is the perfect exemplification for your fragrance. Alternatively, browse our product catalog for inspiration, or contact us directly with your requirements.

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