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Boldking foaming shave gel powered by Airopack's planet friendly aerosol

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Airopack Technology Group AG (“Airopack”), manufacturer of the planet friendly aerosol, is pleased to announce that Boldking’s new foaming shave gel is powered by Airopack’s planet friendly aerosol. Boldking is the manufacturer of unique and flexible razorblades, one of the European top-5 shaving brands and a game changer with focus on sustainability; a perfect match in collaboration with Airopack.

Airopack and Boldking, both companies of Dutch origin, combine innovation power and sustainability. Airopack invented the innovative planet friendly aerosol; Boldking disrupts the market by offering a recycling programme for razor blades and shipping directly to the customers by eliminating retail channels from the equation, making the product more sustainable and affordable.

Quint Kelders, CEO of Airopack:

“Over the last year we have been successful in adding new customers to our portfolio, of which Boldking is one. We are proud of our collaboration with this Dutch based global brand, that is a real game-changer in the European shaving market. Boldking has a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, with their home delivery plan and recycling program for razorblades.

The formulation of this shave gel innovation is created in collaboration with Airopack and is a perfect match in combination with the unique planet friendly Airopack. I am proud to see the launch of this Airopack with the Boldking look and feel!”

Boldking recently launched the new foaming shave gel. The product is specially formulated to soothe and refresh the skin and prevent irritation, is paraben and sulphate-free, does not use ingredients from animal sources and is not tested on animals.

Rochdi Darrazi, CEO Boldking:

“Boldking offers a unique and flexible razorblade – which is not an OEM copy, but completely developed and manufactured by us. For men, this razorblade makes it easy to shave hard to reach areas like under the nose. Additionally, the razors do not clog, pull or tug offering the most comfortable shave possible.

To emphasize our consumer convenience, we are extending our product line with a unique shave gel which dispenses perfectly in the Airopack. Our focus on innovation and sustainability is a perfect match with Airopack’s planet friendly aerosol. Airopack is planet friendly because it is powered purely by air.”

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