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Airopack acquires manufacturer of Airofiller equipment

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Airopack Technology Group AG (“Airopack”), manufacturer of the Planet Friendly Aerosol, has announced the acquisition of Scholle IPN Equipment B.V. (“SIPN Equipment”), the Airopack production partner for its full range of filling equipment (“Airofiller”).

SIPN Equipment is the Airopack production partner for Airofiller filling equipment (www.airofiller.com) and will become a fully dedicated Airofiller equipment manufacturer. Airofiller provides bespoke on-site Airopack filling solutions for both Airopack clients and contract fillers.

With this acquisition Airopack will secure production capacity required to meet strong customer demand for Airofiller filling equipment resulting from the growing demand for the Airopack Planet Friendly Aerosol. SIPN Equipment has a production site in Houten, the Netherlands, with 23 employees and will be renamed to Airofiller Equipment Solutions B.V.

Quint Kelders, Chief Executive Officer, commented:

“We are very pleased with the acquisition of SIPN Equipment that enables us to supply Airofiller filling equipment to all our current and future clients. 

Our production capacity expansion to 200 million pieces annually over the course of this year is well on track and we expect to sign supply agreements with multiple new EU and US based global customers in the personal and home care markets in the near future.”

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