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    We are a global leader in developing and producing high-quality, responsible packaging for a variety of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical-device, home and personal-care and other products.

    Being Amcor

    “Being Amcor” describes who we are as a company, what is most important, and what success looks like for our stakeholders.

    Winning Aspiration

    Our winning aspiration is to be THE leading global packaging company.

    We Are Winning When:

    Our PEOPLE are engaged and developing as part of a high-performing Amcor team
    Our CUSTOMERS grow and prosper from Amcor’s quality, service and innovation
    Our INVESTORS benefit from Amcor’s consistent growth and superior returns
    The ENVIRONMENT is better off because of Amcor’s leadership and products

    The Amcor Way

    The Amcor Way describes the capabilities deployed consistently across Amcor that enable our businesses to win.

    • Talent
      Attracting, developing and engaging the best people.
    • Commercial Excellence
      Understanding and fulfilling customer needs with exceptional sales, marketing and service.
    • Operational Leadership
      Building quality, service and cost advantages through procurement and manufacturing.
    • Innovation
      Developing differentiated products, services and processes across our business.
    • Cash and Capital Discipline
      Generating strong cash flow, and deploying it to maximise value for all stakeholders.


    What guides our behaviour.

    • Safety
      We take care of ourselves and each other, so everyone returns home safely every day.
    • Integrity
      We always do the right thing, at work and in our communities.
    • Collaboration
      We work with people across Amcor and beyond to find the better way.
    • Accountability
      We focus on what is important and take ownership for flawless execution.
    • Results and Outperformance
      We consistently deliver results and strive to surpass expectations.