Anomatic's Metallizing Technique guarantees out of the ordinary products

Don’t Do Ordinary.

When it comes to your brand, you elevate. You wow your customers and convey an unmistakable image unique to your products. As a partner to some of the world’s most iconic brands, Anomatic doesn't do ordinary either. For more than 50 years, Anomatic has designed and produced packaging solutions that elevate its client’s products to unmistakable heights in the marketplace.

Metallization is one technique to achieve this goal. Offering finishes that are customizable and elegant, striking and cost-effective, Anomatic’s metallization process will bring your brand to life thanks to the remarkable array of decorative finishes and colors at your disposal.

What is Metallizing?

Metallizing is a technique where a thin layer of metal is deposited between two layers of UV coating on an object, typically a plastic or glass substrate. This metal coating is both decorative and functional. To ensure the highestquality finish, Anomatic employs a process known as vacuum metallization or physical vapor deposition. This approach provides important advantages to the packaging industry.

Utilizing the 3D Sputtering Technique, Anomatic bombards a metal target (aluminum, copper, etc.) with high-energy argon gas plasma in a vacuum. Individual atoms are ejected from the target and guided by a magnetic fieldwhere they are evenly deposited on the object.

Advantages of 3D Sputtering

• Better step coverage than alternative options
• Fully automated process
• Precise deposition of metal atoms
• Various metal targets may be used

Color Experts

Long renowned color experts in anodized aluminum, Anomatic employs considerable knowledge to produce equally exciting results with metallized packaging. Utilizing the latest technology and experience gathered over decades, our experts understand the contribution each component (base coat, metal, top coat) has on the final color. By leveraging this understanding, colors can be controlled very precisely with remarkable consistency in a variety of opacities and sheens.

Anomatic can match any brand color. 

Metallization produces stunning finishes that elevate your brand. You’ll never do ordinary again. Anomatic has been driving global innovation in anodized aluminum packaging for over 50 years, contact them to see what they can do for your brand. 

Contact Anomatic today to learn how you can elevate your cosmetics line with metallization. 

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