Customizable Lip Balms

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As we enter winter season, lip Balms and lip care products become a daily essential. Lip balms are known for their iconic designs and can even act as a glamorous accessory in your handbag. At Anomatic, you will find a range of colors, finishes, decoration, shapes and styles to find the right lip care packaging for your brand.

Anomatic's innovative lip balm packages use a range of decorations to add luxury and sparkle to the market. Options include conventional standard sizes and taller slimmer options. Both can be found in non-weighted or weighted versions, for that extra high-end tactile feel.

Customizable Lip Balms

Among the many decorative services you can find embossing, anodizing, gradients, and varying transparencies with more festive finishes such as iridescence and glitter.

Color and decorative combinations are virtually limitless, so these lip balms can uniquely relay a packaging story that fits your brand.

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