Bigger Ideas, Smaller Footprint. Aluminum: The Sustainable Packaging Solution

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Iconic brands deserve iconic packaging. Anomatic's ever-expanding lineup of eco-friendly solutions pushes the boundaries of what can be accomplished from a design, color, and sustainability perspective.

For more than 50 years, Anomatic has advanced the packaging industry with new products, manufacturing processes, and decorative techniques. Now, as the need for environmentally friendly packaging has become evident, Anomatic has called on its extensive experience to ramp up the efforts. The result will be truly innovative, ground-breaking, sustainable solutions that will change the market.

Aluminum is one of the most efficient and sustainable materials. As experts in the anodization of aluminum, Anomatic is proud to offer products that utilize the Earth’s third most abundant element.

  • Anodized aluminum is 100% recyclable and highly durable
  • 75% of all aluminum ever produced remains in use today
  • Aluminum is infinitely recyclable without degradation to the material
  • Anodizing enhances aluminum and its environmental virtues by preserving and extending the life of the aluminum product

Anomatic's Recycled Aluminum Alloys

  • New Eco-Alloy
    99% Recycled Content Alloy featuring 70% PCR content
  • 9020
    Features 80 – 90% PIR (no PCR)
  • 9030
    Features >68% PCR

At Anomatic, we believe corporate social responsibility is imperative and requires vision, innovation, and action. Our hard-working team is committed to fostering positive outcomes that benefit the planet and our society. By leveraging our creativity, integrity, and expertise, we are creating ground-breaking processes and designing visionary products to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our world for future generations. These are bigger ideas with a smaller footprint.

To learn more about our eco-friendly stock line, view the catalog or contact the Anomatic team.

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