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The two-sided tape applying machine

  • Ansder

Ansder Co., Ltd., founded in 2003 and a leading manufacturer of cosmetic assembly equipment in Taiwan, has released a high-speed “Two-sided tape applying machine” for attaching aluminum godets on compacts automatically. The new innovation brings practical benefits to cosmetic producers. 

The base and case of machine are made of aluminum and stainless material. Ansder uses motor and cylinders that are made in Japan or by Japanese brand manufacturers in Taiwan, ensuring the machines work more accurately, with more stability, and more smoothly, so as to increase output and decrease the damage rate. PLC is taken according to Euroupean and Japanese specifications. Generally, Ansder uses a variety of global brands for the primary optional parts in order to have users incorporate local material urgently with less mechanical downtime.

Traditionally, workers have needed to cut, remove, and then attach two sided tape on the bases of compacts step by step. It seems a simple task but takes time. How many workers and how much time are needed to complete one million pieces? This machine is designed as a double station to expand output twice over. Each station can be operated individually. Therefore, users can have a single station or double station online, and can achieve outputs of 2,400/hr, 2 pieces at a time. High speeds, stable, and 24-hour operation are the machines best features. 

''It is an amazing machine. We make it work 24 hours a day and it seldom has to stop”, said the machine's first user in Brazil. Ansder is confident in the design that brings a variety of benefits to those users that have a need for high output. The company offers a variety of solutions, and Ansder's elite R&D team also creates many other automatic machinery for cosmetic packaging assembly.

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