APC Packaging Bets on Mono-Material: Recycling Made Easy


Among the rising trends in the packaging business, high recyclability continues to be one of the greatest assets any product can guarantee to win over customers. And that is exactly why the concept of mono-material packaging is on the rise. But what is it exactly?

Well, the answer is pretty straightforward: packaging composed of a single material. The key is what this means for the product. Essentially, being mono-material makes the recycling process much easier on the consumer and the recycler, as it dramatically increases the probability of the product being recycled. With no need to disassemble, customers receive a convenient solution, which also reduces the amount of energy required to separate various materials in recycling facilities.

Recycling of mono-material adds to the circular global economy which helps eliminate the damaging waste and over usage of resources. APC Packaging has developed a series of mono-material packaging solutions for this very reason, including jars in different sizes and a dropper.

Want to learn more? Contact the APC Packaging team now and find the best sustainable solution for your product.

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