APG's Infinity Mono-Material Airless Pump Tube

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APG's fully recyclable airless tubes protect and enhance your formulas while helping the environment. Ideal for moisturizers, gels, cleansers, sunscreen and other skincare products.

Manufactured with 100% PE and easy to recycle after use, these mono-material airless pump tubes are available for customization: Hot-stamp, Heat Transfer label, Anodized, UV metalized, Emboss, Deboss, Spray Finish and more.

Key features

  • Perfect for challenging formulas (high viscosity)
  • 100% product evacuation
  • Volumes 8ml - 90ml with diameters of Ø19-Ø35mm
  • 100% recyclable - no need for disassembly
  • For natural treatment formulas
  • Various dosages available: 0.05cc, 0.10cc, 0.15cc
  • Filling on standard tube line

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