APackaging Group's Mono & Refillable Roll-on Packaging!

APG's mono-material refillable roll-on applicators are for various product applications, including deodorant, skincare, and body care products. The APG group offers steel or plastic roller balls for the mono-material refillable and recyclable applicator packaging, supplied in 50ml & 75ml sizes.

Mono-materials improve recyclability and are intended to replace multi-material-layered or non-recyclable packaging. Many countries will require all plastic packaging to be recyclable or reusable. Places like Germany, France, and Spain (European Union Members) will require all plastic packaging to be recyclable or reusable by 2030.

APG's mono-material refillable roll-on packaging helps to improve recyclability and achieve determined sustainability goals at home and abroad. Contact APG about your project ideas, product availability, sizing, or custom options.

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