Runway: dual spray, dual convenience

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Runway is a bold, dramatic innovation providing choice for convenient dispensing: Actuate vertically or via trigger.

Runway gives better dispensing control with its dual spray actuation feature. Combining Runway with Aptar’s BOV technology allows 360° actuation. The standard vertical actuation is suited for short, precise applications whereas using the integrated trigger is the most convenient choice for longer use.

In Sun Care parents will be grateful for the dual actuation convenience as it helps them to quickly and effectively protect their children.
In Hair Care consumers can apply product to sections of hair using the traditional button in short bursts to achieve layers of shape. After styling is complete, the consumer can switch to the trigger to finish the entire design for final hold.

The unique, distinctive trigger design guarantees eye catching shelf appeal as the two-piece design allows color combinations and enhances brand differentiation.

Runway can be locked securely utilizing Aptar proven twist-to-lock technology. The lockable system with non-removable pieces provides value-added portability for marketer distribution and consumer transport.

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