Discreet and stylish: Breaking the taboos around sexual well-being packaging

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In the past sexual well-being products such as personal lubricants and vibrators were perceived as inappropriate and immoral. Those days are gone. The sexual well-being market is growing every year, thanks to a growing acceptance and a change in perception by the end consumer.

Nowadays people are increasingly using sex toys and lubricants to enhance their sexual experience. The rise in demand for sex toys has become the biggest driver for the market growth. Even the popular movie Fifty Shades of Grey contributed to the growing awareness of sexual well-being products among women and the launch of special promo packs.

Marketers are breaking down the taboo about sexual well-being products thanks to normalization of the product placement in store.

A diverse range of products, which are easy to use and represented by a stylish design bring a real added value. Product packaging itself plays a significant role.

Furthermore, a strong focus is put on dispensing solutions with a pleasant soft touch effect, matt finishing or even a gentle surface, supporting a premium look and direct application on the body. It is all about round shapes and gentle lines. In addition, discreet packaging is a trend that is helping the end-consumer to get over embarrassing situations while purchasing.

High convenience and dosing control during dispensing is one of the must have requirements of purchasers.

Controlled, clean dispensing is facilitated thanks to closures with an integrated valve inside. Such closures are used especially with personal lubricants and massage oils, while delight creams and delay serums are dispensed with lotion pumps. Airless solutions too are popular thanks to their premium design, ability to protect the formulation and convenient dispensing.

In Europe there is a big boom in online shops for adults.

These shops are establishing their own private labels and are very popular among consumers who are discouraged from openly buying such products. Therefore packaging for e-commerce purposes also plays a crucial role within the sexual well being category. On the top of its safe transportation, packaging with a tamper-evident band assures the end consumer of the product's integrity prior to opening.

In parallel, the size of sexual well-being products are becoming smaller, not only for discretion, but also because of portability. On-the-go formats are ideal for people who travel or spend a lot of time away from home. With a smaller, more portable format, those consumers can keep their favorite product on hand for when they want it!

Durex intense orgasmic gel

In partnership with Precise Plastic, Aptar leveraged its expertise into a custom solution using a PAV/U pump for the 10ml on-the-go pack, for her.

However, there are several standard dispensing solutions in the Aptar range as Aptar has become a key supplier, providing expertise within custom segments and supporting visual branding of major market players. For more details on Aptar launches and standard sexual well-being ranges, just contact your account manager.

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