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Increasingly natural solutions for the baby care product market

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By Madalina Dragan, Marketing Director EMEA, Personal Care at Aptar.

Expectations for innovation within the fast-growing baby care product market have translated into more safe, natural formulas and practical packaging. 

A booming market

While the baby care product market has stagnated in Europe and the US, the global market was worth more than USD 87.14 bn in 2017 and is expected to exceed USD 108 bn by 2024, bolstered by 7% annual growth in Asia according to Zion Market Research. Several factors explain this growth. Demographics, of course, are more stable in the Western world and remain dynamic in Asia. But a major cultural shift is also underway in terms of baby care. For example, in China, an expanding middle class and the country’s one child policy have created a genuine baby-focused culture and a desire to give them only the best!

Worried parents

When it comes to baby care products, consumer distrust of chemical ingredients that may be perceived as potentially harmful becomes crystal clear. The skin of babies and young children is especially fragile and subject to intolerances and allergies. Overly abrasive cleansers can alter the development of the skin’s flora, the many protective bacteria that create a natural barrier for the skin.

Following the considerable success of organic and natural lines such as Melvita’s, whose products are guaranteed to be free of colors and chemical preservatives, major industry players have chosen to completely overhaul their product portfolios. Johnson & Johnson is one such example. The company recently revamped its baby line, from formulas (elimination of colors and sulfates) to packaging (transparent), to win back parents’ trust.

A need for practical design

In terms of packaging, beyond the obvious need for optimal protection of formulas with few or no preservatives, consumers are always looking for practical solutions. Pumps that can be pressed with the elbow and airless systems that ensure formula integrity are best suited to the specific needs of the baby care product market.

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