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Insert technologies: The new aerosol technology that adapts to every product use

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Luigi Garofalo, Market Development Director EMEA Homecare at Aptar, tells us more about the trends sweeping the industry and, in particular, Aptar’s innovative use of insert technologies.

“To provide novelty and delight consumers, we need to add value. Therefore, we invest a lot of time and energy in market research to grasp and capitalize on key areas of focus like e-commerce. Also we’ve created a dedicated team working on post-consumer resins,” explains Luigi.

In price-sensitive markets, capturing these creates differentiation. Each application requires specific solutions, whether by innovating in premium subcategories or making products safer. “For us, this means carefully selecting suppliers, optimizing in-house processes, and developing collaborations with the support of our Innovation Excellence team. Above all, we use aerosol technology to meet evolving needs and expectations, as is the case with our insert technologies,” continues Luigi.

At the cutting-edge of insert technology

Aptar’s aerosols and pumps contain a crucial component called an insert, the small disk through which the liquid gas passes before being released. “Aptar offers a wide range of inserts adapted to the specific needs of each formulation across a range of applications. Drawing on extensive experience in developing this technical component in pump formulations, we innovate new inserts that are also fully compatible with aerosols” explains Luigi. 

It is vital to deliver a delightful experience to consumers on each target application field. For example, in demanding formulas like suntan lotion, the insert produces a uniform spray pattern. While, the new mechanical break-up insert generates a fine mist that dries quickly, ideal for deodorants and air fresheners.

“When consumers first buy a product, they are influenced by the appearance and convenience of the design. But, as they use the product and decide whether to buy it again, the spray pattern has a significant impact. For both aerosols and pumps, the insert therefore plays an important role in achieving the expected level of performance. An effective insert helps to drive repurchase to retain more customers”, concludes Luigi.

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