The Ultimate Interpretation Of A Perfume Spray by Aptar

2020 will see the time-honored rituals of fragrance reinvented, transcending the norms and inflaming new emotions.  Dolce by Aptar brings a moment of pure delight and luxury to the ancient and universal rituals of perfumery.


The challenge? Upend the codes of perfumery and luxury to create new pleasure sensations, all the while respecting the olfactory integrity of the fragrance composition to enable the expression of its purest soul. The response is a prodigy of pioneering technology in the art of perfume diffusion. Dolce. A daring process that introduces hearing, smell and touch to phenomena which are subtle, rare, precious and, until now, unknown.


After five years of research, Aptar, world leader in fragrance dispensing systems, reimagines the gestures and sensations of perfumery to respond to the new desires of consumers. Dolce by Aptar is the most advanced technological interpretation of the “spray” diffusion system available today. A new experience, an exceptional sensory proposition which delivers one into new dimensions of pleasure. Gentle in the extreme, the emotion intense, silent grace and precision, absolute luxury.


Resulting from the combined expertise of Aptar and Medspray, Dolce is more than a spray; it reveals the complete soul of the perfume captured in a bottle by restoring the juice inside to its authentic self. An unprecedented technological jewel which offers the perfume a stunningly beautiful journey to the skin; with Dolce, the perfume does not simply vaporize… it travels!


With a traditional spray, the perfume passes through a nozzle that has a single channel for delivery, and which pulverizes the fragrance in a “layer” on to the skin. With Dolce, the perfume travels through dozens of channels in the nozzle, diffusing it on to the skin with micronized precision and finesse. An exultant gesture which facilitates the harmonious expression of all the facets of the perfume.

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