Ardagh Metal Packaging

Ardagh Metal Packaging

Ardagh Metal Packaging (AMP) is a leading global supplier of sustainable, infinitely recyclable metal beverage cans to brand owners.

AMP operates 24 metal beverage can production facilities across Europe, North America and Brazil with innovative production capabilities. A partner of choice for beverage companies, AMP is known for its outstanding quality and customer service and is the only pure play metal beverage can producer of scale in the market today.

Our vision and values

The people that make up AMP share much more than a strong brand and an excellent reputation. We each share a common vision: to be the preferred metal beverage packaging partner to brand owners around the world. We will achieve our vision by delivering customer innovation, providing an inspirational environment for our people and creating sustainable value for our business through growth and development.

Benefits of metal packaging

Metal beverage packaging is universally recognised for its protective qualities, versatility and environmental credentials. Metal is a permanent material, meaning it can be infinitely recycled without any loss of quality. Metal beverage cans are one of the most recycled drinks packages in the world, contributing to a circular economy.​

Metal can packaging offers versatility, unlimited design and brand building opportunities like no other material and is used across the world in many market sectors. Constantly evolving production technologies are used to ensure exciting possibilities and environmental sustainability in metal beverage packaging for the future.

Protecting our environment

The impact of what we do and how we behave is far-reaching. Production on a scale such as ours brings enormous environmental responsibilities, and we take these seriously, both globally and locally. That is why we identify, control and measure all our activities, and work hard to reduce their environmental impact. We aim to keep energy consumption and emissions to a minimum, maximise our recycling rates, optimise the use of secondary packaging materials and manage waste appropriately, by avoiding use of landfills and limiting water usage.

Building a sustainable future

We recognise that emissions, ecology and social sustainability are closely linked and that the long-term economic performance of Ardagh has an impact on our employees, local communities, customers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders.

Working with metal packaging enables us to contribute to a circular economy, as metal is an infinitely recyclable material. That's why we continually invest in systems and processes that improve the efficiency of our operations, reduce costs and increase competitiveness. One initiative, for instance, promotes customer and supplier partnership programmes in order to strengthen relationships along the supply chain. We continue to be dedicated to making our facilities and processes even more sustainable as we supply our customers with sustainable packaging solutions.