ASQUAN is a boutique global company that develops, sources, creates, produces & markets turn-key beauty solutions with great passion for prestigious brands & retailers all over the globe.

We are a boutique design and manufacturing company that creates, develops and produces exemplary beauty solutions for the cosmetics industry. Our multi disciplinary team of highly experienced designers, engineers and beauty experts have a collective track record of delivering successful and award-winning design that stretches back over 25 years.

We strive to offer our clients the best of what the industry has to offer and pride ourselves on our speed to market production, future targeted creativity, Eco-responsibility and most importantly our exceptional customer focus.

With offices in Hong Kong, USA, Europe & Australia we are able to stay nimble and always accessible to our partners.

Our main company categories include:

  • ASQUAN PACK - Primary Packaging for Cosmetics & Skincare
  • ASQUAN 360° - Turn-key Cosmetics & Skincare
  • ASQUAN BRUSH - Make-Up Brushes & Beauty Tools
  • ASQUAN ATELIER - Cosmetic Bags & Pouches