Avery Dennison “unleashes the power of less” with AD RDX for paper and film labels

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Adding to their powerful legacy of harnessing innovation to create pioneering label solutions, Avery Dennison announced today the release of the AD RDX sustainable product range for paper and film labels.

“More than ever, there’s an increased demand for labeling solutions that work across multiple applications and segments in our industry – and not just for paper labels but also for film. This growing demand implies more waste and a higher carbon footprint. Our objective was to address this challenge and create a solution that rather than increase the environmental impact lowers it instead. With AD RDX, our expert team of materials engineers have created an incredibly high-performing range of cutting-edge paper and film products that significantly reduces the use of natural resources,”

said Rob Groen in ‘t Wout, marketing director paper & film solutions at Avery Dennison.

The AD RDX product portfolio for paper and film takes the concept of “less is more” to heart — benefits include less materials, resources, waste, transport and storage than conventional Avery Dennison products, which also means less downtime, changeovers and disposal costs. By reducing the usage of oil, water, trees, energy and CO2 emissions, AD RDX is creating positive change while also increasing operational efficiency and productivity.

The broadest sustainable range on the market

Offering both paper and film label products, AD RDX provides the widest range of sustainable face materials on the market. Using an environmental impact tool to calculate CO2 and water savings made using AD RDX products, reductions of at least 10% and 20% for paper and film products respectively can be expected for CO2 emissions and tree and water usage.

Applications cover the Food & Beverage, Home & Personal Care, Transport & Logistics, Retail & Office, and Pharmaceutical segments. Solutions include semi-gloss prime paper labels, direct thermal and thermal transfer variable information labels, squeezable and conformable films, and rigid filmic labels.

Avery Dennison’s Rob Groen in ‘t Wout said:

“As part of our Avery Dennison flagship products and solutions portfolio Sustainable ADvantage, we are proud to offer an innovative solution that reduces the impact of label materials on the environment. AD RDX is one more way we’re helping to lower the carbon footprint in Europe and around the world.”

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