Stylish and Sustainable- Baoyu offers PCR Compacts

Baoyu Cosmetic Packaging Co. Ltd doesn’t just develop stylish and unique products for the beauty industry, they offer them in sustainable materials as well.

Baoyu has one-of-a-kind compacts available in PCR Plastic.

Consumers are starting to second guess the single-use plastics they buy. Packaging your beauty foundations, highlighters, and more in PCR (Post-Consumer Resin) compacts and palettes lets beauty buyers feel better about their purchases.

These compacts are available in customizable colors, a variety of capacities, and are easy-to-use.

It doesn’t stop with compacts- Baoyu also has PCR plastic available for use in petite lip gloss tubes and lipstick pots.

Contact Baoyu today to learn more about the PCR products available from the catalog.

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