Inspire Consumers with Baoyu’s Stunning Digital Printing & Metallization

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The brand personalization possibilities are endless with Baoyu’s extensive digital printing capabilities. An experienced provider of plastic cosmetic packaging, Baoyu can finalize any pack with its range of decoration options.

Baoyu has the technology to create complex and colorful patterns that enchant consumers, with a finish that can be either plain or embossed. It is the perfect combination between versatility and style.

The digital printing process is suitable for various materials, such as metal, wood, and a variety of plastics (PVC, PE, PE, PU, ABS, etc). It is compatible with different surface finishes, such as metallization and spray matte finish.

The process uses UV ink and ultraviolet drying and the super adhesion means you don’t have to worry about the print peeling off through consumer use. The printing is high-speed and efficient, with a wide printing width and automatic pattern generation.

Browse Baoyu’s gallery to view more examples of past work and contact the team today to learn how to make your cosmetic line beautiful.

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