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    Baralan Introduces New Aluminum Screw Caps for Glass Bottles and Jars

    • Baralan

    Baralan, a consolidated player in primary packaging for the cosmetics and beauty industries, has introduced its Jamaica line of aluminum screw caps, while also expanding its Mussau line with two new sizes. Both lines of aluminum caps are available for use with glass bottles and jars primarily for skincare products.

    Produced with extremely versatile, lightweight, durable and fully-recyclable material, the aluminum caps provide a sustainable option compared with traditional plastic caps. Offering a distinctive packaging closure in a market that is increasingly demanding environmentally-friendly materials, its aluminum is 100% recyclable for an infinite number of times without losing technical and mechanical characteristics.

    The complete range of aluminum caps includes the Jamaica line in three sizes for jars and the newly-expanded Mussau line specifically for bottles. The Mussau line now includes two new sizes: the Mussau 18 and 24, in addition to the existing Mussau 20, to create a complete series of three sizes.

    All aluminum caps can be combined with glass jars and bottles with corresponding neck sizes as follows:

    • Mussau 18: neck GPI 18/415
    • Mussau 20: neck GPI 20/400
    • Mussau 24: neck GPI 24/410
    • JAMAICA 40: neck GPI 40/400
    • JAMAICA 48: neck GPI 48/400
    • JAMAICA 53: neck GPI 53/400

    Maurizio Ficcadenti, Global R&D Manager at Baralan said:

    “At Baralan, our team is always looking to provide functional, reliable and attractive packaging options for our brand owner customers. Toward that goal, our Jamaica and Mussau series of aluminum closures provide a superb look and feel that perfectly complement a wide variety of cosmetic products, while utilizing material that is fully and infinitely recyclable. The result is a more environmentally-friendly alternative to all-plastic caps.”

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