BN Pack's Flat-Bottom Pouch Keeps Coffee Lovers Happy

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Flexible packaging has remained one of the most versatile and practical solutions for the coffee industry, with flat-bottom pouches dominating the market. At BN Pack we offer an exceptional flat-bottom coffee bean bag with a one-way valve and a t-zipper on top, perfectly designed to keep roasted beans fresh and coffee lovers happy.

Unlike ground coffee, which has a shorter shelf life, mild roasted beans can be used for months and maintain their quality, thus they need better preservation. That's why choosing the correct type of pouch is essential for any coffee brand to succeed.

The flat-bottom pouch is also called the eight-sided sealed pouch or the box-bottom pouch, it traditionally looks classier and more attractive to consumers, as it stands firmly on the shelf and better attracts the attention of anyone looking. It is mostly used for dried fruits, nuts, pet food, and snacks, but it's most popular among products like coffee and tea, which need perfect sealing conditions to preserve flavor and smell. That's why our design uses metalized foil or aluminum foil, ensuring preservation.

BN Pack's flat-bottom pouch is made of food-grade material, is both EU and FDA certified, and can be finished with a window for consumers to see the products packed inside. The window can be clear or frosted with different shapes, catering to any brand's specific needs.

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