Take Over Any Shelf with bomo trendline's Lipgloss Packs

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Bomo trendline's experience in manufacturing high-quality plastic packaging for cosmetics makes their lipgloss packs a perfect solution for beauty brands everywhere. Their portfolio presents a wide variety of designs and shapes, like the conical caps and bottles.

Whether you're catering to minimalist users who love a tiny purse-friendly lipgloss or glam enthusiasts who crave more product, bomo trendline has got you covered, as these packs are available in four convenient sizes: 3.5ml, 6ml, 8ml, and 10ml.

They can also be customized by brands to be instantly recognizable on the shelves and are designed with quality in mind, ensuring your products remain secure, leak-free, and protected from external elements. The conical applicators not only add a unique silhouette but also provide precision and control, allowing your customers to achieve the perfect lip look effortlessly.

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