Line, Click, Wow! Get Thick and Long Eyelashes with Bomo Trendline's Magneta

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Beauty trends come and go, but there's one thing everybody loves: long and thick eyelashes. For those lacking naturally striking lashes, the remedy can be tiresome. Gluing artificial eyelashes requires a lot of expertise and the two-hour professional treatment in a beauty salon can be annoying.

But that's no problem for Magneta! Bomo Trendline's personal superheroine for everyday beauty! In just 2 steps you get an amazing look:

  1. Apply Magneta on the eyelid like a regular eyeliner. For an even stronger magnetic effect, up to 3 layers of eyeliner can be applied.
  2. Apply the artificial magnetic eyelashes on the eyeliner!

Line. Click. Wow!

Magneta is ultra-deep black, vegan, and also suitable for beginners. The innovation from Bomo Trendline can be obtained as a full-service product, and the company's Kubik Dipliner bottle with a volume of 4ml - 0,13 fl.oz is the perfect choice to house the formula, while its cap and eyeliner brush deliver the most precise application.

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