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As the leader in medical packaging in China, Bona's research and development is always ahead of the market. We were the earliest manufacturer to produce PP eye drop bottles and finish mass production, and now our product has already passed the YBB standard, China's strictest medical packaging standard.

Eye drop bottles on the market mainly use LDPE HDPE material, while PP is utilized for the special packaging of Pranoprofen medical elixir applications. Bona's PP eye drop bottles are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials that are purchased from well-known overseas suppliers. The BTH is purchased from Merck and PP is purchased from Lotte.

To significantly reduce the effect of sunlight on the product, we add BTW to the bottle. This benefits the medicinal formulation by reducing its loss of properties and lengthening its valuable lifetime once the bottle is open (compared to an eye drop bottle without).

Key features of Bona's PP eyedrop bottles

  • Bottle volume: 5ml
  • Materials: PP

Special features:

  • Special packaging for Pranoprofen medical elixirs
  • Added BTH material reduces medicinal property loss and lengthens medicine use time
  • Well-known, foreign raw material suppliers ensure the highest level product quality
  • Earliest manufacturer of the product, and has passed YBB standard

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