BONA presents disposable intranasal atomization device

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BONA Pharma has developed an atomizing device for drug administration intended to convert liquid formulations into atomized particles to be sprayed on the surface of human body tissues or organs, meaning it provides full contact and maximizes its application capabilities. Moreover, the carefully designed self-destructive structure ensures the product can only be used once to deliver users safe and hygienic products.

The device dispenses painless and rapidly absorbed medications, a great option for non-invasive intranasal prescription delivery; improving safety for both caregivers and patients by avoiding needle-sticking injuries.

Key features:

  1. Rapid absorption: The specially designed nasal spray device transforms liquid into atomized particles, promoting a faster absorption of medication.
  2. Non-invasive and painless: The umbrella-like spray will not cause any damage or irritation to the human body.
  3. Self-destructive device: A self-destruct design after first use guarantees a disposable solution for no further contamination of any drug.
  4. Special dose regulator: Easy to mount and remove, as the dose regulator has been designed as a clamp.
  5. Precise inoculation: The dose regulator allows to inoculate precisely and non-invasively.

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