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Bona Pharma has enriched its product series of Child-Resistant Nasal Spray Devices and the company's newest innovation is ready for launch.

The acclaimed pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer offers a variety of packaging solutions to meet the diverse needs of users across different regions, and its next product innovation utlizes ergonomic technology with a comfort-first orientation that also upgrades the appearance.

Innovative child-resistant Closure technology

Generation II

Unlock the cap by pressing down and turning to the left.

Generation I

First Step: Unlock the dust cap while Push down & screw the cap according to indicated direction.
Second Step: Rotate the actuator until its arrow aligns with the closure, and then spray the liquid


For CR certification, the complete assembled container closure system (Container, closure, pump and any protective packaging) consisting of the dedicated container.

*Precision Dosing: Dosage is metered by the spray pump, consistent dosage is essential for promoting treatment efficacy.

*Regulatory Compliance: US 16CFR1700.20

Integrating innovative feature and rigorous quality standards into its product, BONA Pharma aims to lead the way toward a more sustainable and environmental friendly drug delivery systems

*CR/SF Packaging For Nasal Sprays Containing “Imidazolines”----Why choose the Child-Resistant Packaging?

----1970 Congress passed the Poison Prevention Packaging Act(PPPA), and US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has issued regulations that require child-resistant packaging.
.----In 2012, US CPSC initiate a process for making products child resistant for formulations containing more than 0.08mg imidazolines per package. [16 CFR Part 1700.14 (33)]
.----In addition, countries in Europe as well as Australia have implemented the similar regulations to protect children from poisoning.

Child-resistant packaging is required for certain drug products to prevent accidental ingestion by children and promote safe medication use, in particular to those younger than 5 years of age.

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