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    Roll-On Packaging in Tube Style

    • Captiva Packaging

    Cosmetic packaging comes in variety shapes and styles, and very often being designed to be a totally different concept than it looks like. The outcome is always surprising. 

    The new roll-on packaging in tube style is one of Captiva Packaging’s recent design to shake the image of a packaging tube. Instead of being flexible, the tube-shaped roll-on packaging made of PETG is solid and sturdy. It is also compatible with specially made cosmetic formulae.

    Captiva Packaging also develops different applicator options to turn the roll-on packaging to a mascara or lip gloss, each with different matching cap styles.

    • Packaging reference: HT-291
    • Materials: Cap AS+ABS / Bottle PETG / Roll-On Closure in PP or AS+ABS
    • Capacity: 14.5ml
    • Measurement: W. 29mm / L. 93.6mm / Cap Dia. 14.6mm
    • Decoration: Silk screen printing, plastic color matching, over spray coating, and metallization.
    • Optional application: the roll-on applicator can be replaced with a set of lip gloss or mascara wand.
    • Optional cap style: there are two different cap styles available.

    Based in Taiwan, Captiva Packaging has always been a professional packaging supplier for cosmetic business. One of its professional services is to design and produce blow injection molding component for mascara, lip gloss, and eyeliner product. For decades, the firm has developed numerous solution for local and international companies.

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