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    Mascara Packaging with Neon Gradation Colors

    • Captiva Packaging

    The mascara packaging of bright, vivid, neon pink and blue gradation color can be achieved rather easy. Presented by Captiva Packaging, the firm takes PETG plastic component in blue color, and adds a thin layer of pink coating spray over the top. This decoration can be applied for many different types of packaging components.

    • Packaging reference: HT-6
    • Capacity: 7ml
    • Material: PETG Bottle with optional cap in either plastic or aluminum
    • Packaging application: mascara, lip gloss, and eyeliner
    • Packaging type: Blow injection molding

    With years of experience, Captiva Packaging has the ability to create new look by pulling known technologies together. The result has always been satisfying and successful for new product launching. Companies who work with Captiva Packaging are able to obtain customized packaging design within budget and tight time frame.

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