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    Branding a component is not complicated with Captiva Packaging

    Captiva Packaging provides plastic packaging branding with embossing and debossing marks. Without revealing exactly how this is achieved, the chief designer claims that this is a whole new technique and can be achieved very easily without the need for a pricey process.

    On top of the branding marks, companies can also add more decoration techniques to bring the entire design towards a different level, here are a few examples:

    Most of the packaging components are made of PETG and ABS, and it is possible to be added with colors.
    Lipgloss HT-391

    The technique also works with double-walled bottles.
    Lipgloss, Eyeliner, Mascara HT-480

    By adding frost finish for its surface treatment, the company proves that sometimes it takes less to make sure a fantastic job is carried out, as long as the right solution is adopted.
    Mascara HT-479

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