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10 Reasons to Use a Booklet Label from CCL

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  • VISIBLE COPY - There’s a lot more copy you want to include on your product but you’ve run out of space. Don’t have cluttered or hard-to-read copy, put it in a booklet.


  • BETTER INSTRUCTIONS - Provide more thorough product instructions to your customers. They will thank you.


  • EXPAND MAIN GRAPHICS - Expand your product’s graphics by moving some of the “less interesting” copy away from the “prime real estate” area.


  • MULTILINGUAL - Reach a global audience. Include several languages on your product.


  • PROMOTIONS & PRODUCT SAMPLES - Deliver unique promotions, coupons, or product samples to your customers.


  • REGULATORY INFORMATION - Regulatory, legal, and/or government required copy have overrun your label. Put it in a more inconspicuous place and let your label graphics shine.


  • CROSS-PROMOTIONS - Use your most popular product to introduce a new product or cross-promote an existing, less popular product.


  • FRESH CONTENT - Stand out from the competition without having to change your product.


  • WEB INTERACTION - Incorporate your printed labels with your web marketing strategy. Printed pieces that interact with your website or online games are a great way to drive web traffic.


  • REDUCE PACKAGING - “Go green” by reducing your packaging. Save money in the process.



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