Certina Packaging

Certina Packaging

Certina Packaging is a global packaging leader, offering one-stop boutique service. We support you throughout the entire process from design selection and development all the way through to after-sale service.

The primary benefit of working with Certina Packaging is access to complementary components from various companies. Customers can select a full packaging solution obtaining all the necessary components in one place.

  • Location: 4 production sites, 560 employees
  • Markets: Masstige and prestige
  • Products: Vast product range (see individual companies for details)
  • Technology: Myriad transformation and decoration technologies
  • Materials: Wide knowledge of materials
  • Machinery: Full in-house production including complete decoration

HK Cosmetic Packaging

Serving cosmetic and personal care brands for over 100 years, HK offers a wide selection of single-, thick-, and double-wall jars, sticks, roll-ons, and several closures, all made in Germany.

  • Location: Coburg, Germany
  • Markets: Masstige and prestige. 80% standard, 20% custom
  • Products: Jars, closures, sticks, accessories
  • Technology: IM, compression molding, decoration
  • Materials: SAN, PET, PMMA, PS, PP, Duroplast
  • Machinery: 80 IM ,10 presses, 4 printing, 10 assembly, 8 hot stamping


From elegant standard components to luxurious customized works of art, Qualiform provides packaging solutions to international beauty brands that are designed in France and in the US with a dedication to material innovation and aesthetic.

  • Location: Oyonnax France
  • Markets: Prestige and masstige. 85% custom, 15% standard
  • Products: Flacons, closures, accessories
  • Technology: EBM, COEX, ISBM, decoration
  • Materials: Glass Polymer, PET-G, HP-PE, PP
  • Machinery: 22 XBM, 4 printing 5 hot stamping

Rebhan Group

Totally innovative packaging solutions for cosmetic, chemical, and houseware products. Rebhan is a leader in Glass Polymer packaging, with a vast selection of bottles and accessories, as well as numerous decoration techniques.

  • Location: Stockheim Germany, Poznan Poland
  • Markets: Masstige and prestige. 60% standard, 40% custom
  • Products: Flacons, bottles, closures, accessories
  • Technology: EBM, ISBM, IBM, decoration
  • Materials: Glass Polymer, Tritan, PET-G, PET, HD-PE, LD-PE, PP
  • Machinery: 88 XBM, 11 printing, 2 assembly, 9 hot stamping. 1 lacquering, 2 vacuum met...