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Sticks never go out of packaging fashion and for good reason. Tall or short, chunky or slim, these handy packs lend themselves well to balmy products across a range of topical applications.

In addition to their highly functional form, sticks are relatively easy to transform with decoration, so that the same product can take on a brand new feel according to the market and user groups to which the product is targeted. HK Cosmetic Packaging's stick packaging choices provide skincare and treatment brands with a versatile format that can be personalized with a variety of decoration techniques.

With their different finishes, the company's Silvio sticks are offered with subtle design features which can be enhanced through design choices. Domed, bullet or flat top, glossy or matte, clear or colored, tactile or visually pleasing, these sticks offer limitless opportunities for brands to make a statement.

Featuring 2 separate parts, both the stick and its overcap can be colored or printed, plus the stick's actuator can also play a colorful part. Hidden messages or visuals can be revealed when the overcap is removed, or highlighted through the addition of a clear plastic façade. And whether the stick is labelled or printed directly, the curvy exterior offers an excellent decoration area that can take full advantage of the stick's surface.

Sustainable sticks

HK's sticks can be manufactured according to different sustainable requirements requested by customers. In addition to high content PCR plastic material, the company also offers recyclable and bio-based choices, including wood-based and biodegradable plastic alternatives, such as Sulapac, for a low carbon footprint and a unique superior finish.

Explore different stick packaging choices, here and choose a high-quality stick that not only protects the formulation but also benefits the environment, for your next product.

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