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New year and new intuitive features for Certina Packaging's catalogue

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The commencement of the year brings with it Certina Packaging's new product catalogue. Intuitively designed, the content has been structured so that brands can easily locate products based on various differing data. 

The catalogue has been restyled to offer 6 different ways to find products and now focuses on providing an efficient user experience so that packaging buyers can easily find what they want, in addition to inspiration for related products.

The search bar allows users to write key search terms, from product type to volume, material and more. This then brings up a new page whereby even more specific choices can be made to narrow down the search further if required, or the corresponding products which match the search data can be viewed.

Alternately, by clicking on the detailed search button, the user is brought to a page whereby data choices can be made for products: Material, neck, volume, shape and even the specific manufacturer from within the Certina Packaging group can be selected. As each selection is made, the products that fit the search are shown, so that the customer can see exactly which options are available, depending on the choices made.

For customers which prefer to browse, there is the option to either search products available according to the manufacturer, or to peruse CP's 4 primary areas of manufacture: Bottles, Jars, Closures and Sticks & Roll-ons.

Brands that are looking for a full set of products will find the Collections section useful whereby products are displayed in a group setting and the individual products that make up the group can be explored when clicking on the image. Where the collection includes a variety of choices, such as for Colonna, all the information is shown on screen so that the user can elect their preferred choice, and the specifications for a product can be displayed and hidden again with just a click.

Also available to inspire customers are the clickable header and footer images. The header comprises a regularly updated carousel of images that showcase CP's latest product innovations and launches, while the footer links directly to the ever-popular and stylish glass like packaging choices.

Search your way

"The catalogue has been specially organized in a way to make it easy for any user to find what they are looking for, whether that be the products manufactured by a single supplier from Certina Packaging, finding a named product, a product type, packaging produced in a specific material or in a definitive capacity, coordinating products, etc. We've also included visual inspiration through the incorporation of banners that highlight our brand new and featured products, that will be updated on a regular basis."

"The user journey through the catalogue's options has now been streamlined so that visitors browsing through can get clear and concise information about each product, plus see which corresponding complementary options match that product. This functionality has been set up for all of the products which can coordinate, so that whether a user starts by searching for a bottle or a closure, they can still find and see, the choices available to complete their packaging." — Katarzyna Kosek, Certina Packaging

Explore the catalogue: catalogue.certinapackaging.com

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