HK expands its refillable range with 2 new jar options: Kim & Kyra in different sizes

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HK Cosmetic Packaging – packaging specialists from the Certina Packaging Group, have added 2 more jars to the refillable product range: Kim Refill (100 ml and 150ml) and Kyra Refill (now available in 50ml, 100ml, 200ml). Additional in the standard range are the two Refill bottles Colonna in 30ml and 50ml. The collection has been developed with a new refill system that is user-friendly and perfect for the cosmetics industry. The jars are as sustainable as they are innovative with a range of decorative services available to further enhance the visual impact.


The system saves on packaging material by means of interchangeable inner components, where the inner jar clicks into the outer jar effortlessly during removal and refill. The consumer can buy the product with significantly less packaging material, as well as being able to put it back together to form a complete package. 


The thick-walled jars are made from sustainably conscious materials, with the outer jar made from PET and the inner jar from PP, both of which can be easily recycled after use. In addition, the product can also be completed using recycled PET of up to 30%. The refillable feature encourages lower material consumption, as the consumer would only need to replace the inner component, keeping the stylish outer jar. It is also possible that the lid can be made using bio-based materials. 

The Look

The luxury glass appearance of the outer packaging adds a sophisticated finish to the product. Enriching the high-quality look of the product, are decorative options such as coloring, printing, metallization, hot-foil stamping that can be applied to the lid and both the inner and outer casing. Jars can be mixed and matched together with different lids.


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