CKS Packaging

CKS Packaging

CKS Packaging is a US nationwide supplier and manufacturer of plastic containers



From choosing a resin best suited for your application to assisting with aesthetic considerations such as shape, color or functionality, CKS is an industry leader in custom bottle and jar design. Allow it to manufacture containers tailored to your exact needs: products can be finished with trigger sprayers, lotion pumps, child resistant closures, fine mist sprayers, screw on tops, and other common enhancements.

Trying to meet the requirements of every customer, it can also provide labeling services including sleeving, glue on labels, or paint/ink labeling. CKS will help you determine the most cost-effective manner to have your plastic bottles manufactured, labeled, and delivered.

Here are a few additional ways that CKS stands above its competitors:

  • Expertise in multiple resin materials.
  • One of the largest libraries in the industry of stock container molds.
  • Long standing customer relationships due to consistent quality and minimal employee turnover.
  • #10 in Top US Blow Molders and still growing.
  • Industry leader serving the food, beverage, automotive, personal care, and household and specialty chemical market with diverse selection of stock and custom containers.
  • 'Unrestrictive' and supportive developmental partner on lower volume projects.
  • AGILE and quick-to-market on new product developments.
  • Distributor-friendly.