95% Aluminum Packaging Benefits!

Aluminum is one of the lightest materials that offer a complete barrier to light, air, and moisture. Aluminum is also reliable for preserving products, is efficient to pack and ship, and is easily recycled.

Lightweight aluminum reduces carbon dioxide emissions from the initial production process to the end of the product life. Aluminum saves 95% of the energy used during its recycling process and saves energy in shipping due to its low weight. Remember that aluminum can be repurposed for new products of the same quality level almost infinitely.

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Aluminum vs. Plastic: Sustainability in Packaging

Condensa is committed to sustainability and environmental protection. Explore in depth why aluminum is the more sustainable choice for packaging compared to plastic. Annual global aluminum production reaches approximately 65 million metric tons, while plastic production exceeds 368 million metric tons. This indicates that plastic production is almost six times higher than that of aluminum. However, despite this difference in volume, it is important to consider the overall environmental impact of each material.

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